Arknights New Event and new operators Can I download Arknights on PC?


Arknights is a real-time strategy and tower defense multiplayer game developed by two famous Chinese developers the Hypergryph and Studio Montage. It is released for worldwide players on 16 January 2020 and become famous. The game includes operators, events, and items. It has fantastic gameplay. You can download this game on both Android and iOS devices. Players can also download Arknights on PC by using an android emulator.

Arknights new events and operators

The developers of Arknights game always add new events and operators in the game. We know that the events and operators increase the fun of the game. In each event the players experience more adventures and also the new operators are more adventurous. In Arknights the operators and events have a great role. Therefore the game developers always add new operators with new events. The events and operators have a strong connection with each other.  Recently a new event named Maria Nearl Event was added to the game. Along with this new event, a new operator was also added to the game.  In the article below we will discuss get new Arknights events with new operators.

New Event Maria Nearl

The Maria Nearl Event is a new event in Arknights. This event is released with a story of Blemishine and it will take in Kazimierz. There are multiple stages in the game and also includes a variety of missions. And the players can get tokens and other rewards by cleaning the missions and stages. The token can be used to purchase many items from the shop.  First, this event was added on 8 April 2021, and currently, it was not available. We hope that this event will be available in the game soon. Overall the players liked the event and therefore developers decided to include the event again in the game.  But yet there is no official news and returning date for this event in the Arknights game.

New operators

Along with new events four new operators named Whislash,  Aosta,  Bubble,  Blemishine are added to the game. Some of them are star operators and one is an event reward operator. All these 4 operators are different from each other. These are related to the new event and will help you in the gameplay.


It is a top reward operator of Maria Nearl Event. She has joined Rhades Island.  This new hero is a former competitive operator who belongs to Kazimierz knight. It is also a 5-star support guard.  This hero helps her allies to increase their abilities. It also helps to increase the attack speed. 


It is a star operator of this new event. It acts as a secret agent. It is a healthy and defender operator of Arknights game. It has high capabilities of damage dealing. It helps its team it healing during the battlefield. It is a six-star defender with high attack skills.


It is also a star operator. It is a sniper operator of Rhodes with AoE skills. It can deal with high Art damage.  It has a unique skill to make its target blind for a short time.  So it will also help the players in the Arknights game.


It is an attack blocker operator of Arknights game.  It can block the attack of enemies and also damage the enemies with its physical damage skills. 

How to download and Play Arknights on PC?

You learned about the new event and operators of Arknights in the above article. Many people are waiting for this new event and operators. Arknights game developer has not yet announced these new things. Some people already played these things in the game. We know that there are millions of players of Arknights game in the world. Mostly the Smartphone is used to play games but many know about the Smartphone gaming disadvantages and do not want to play the games on Smartphone. These people use PC for gaming. But some new players want to play the game on PC and do not know about its process to download it on PC. They can easily play the game on PC with the help of Android emulators. There are many Android emulators and the players can use any of them to play games. Among all the available Android emulators the top Android emulator is LDPlayer.

Introduction to LDPlayer

LDPlayer is software used for PC gaming purposes. Their millions of people use LDPlayer for PC gaming purposes. This Android emulator is known as the top Android emulator due to its user-friendly and unique features. Its developers regularly update its feature so that players can play games easily by using LDPlayer. LDPlayer includes many new settings for players to control the game easily and it also allows external game controllers. This Android emulator is tested and verified by experts and you the players can download it without any hesitation because it is a secure and safe Android emulator. It provides you the game with high-quality graphics and you can also record your game amazing moments by taking screenshots in this Android emulator. It allows you to take pictures of your game’s best moments by click on the screenshot button available in this Android emulator.

How to download LDPlayer?

LDPlayer can be downloaded easily by the given method.

1. Go to the official website of LDPlayer.

2. Tap on the LDPlayer Android emulator.

3.  Click on the download button.

4. It will take few seconds for downloading.

5. Install LDPlayer on your PC.

6. Launch the emulator and download your favorite games from the game store of LDPlayer named LDstore.


In the above article, we have discussed the most popular new event of Arknights game. This new event is released 2 months ago and will return soon in the game. We discussed its story and gameplay. Also, some new operators were added to the game.  These new operators are to enjoy the new event. Download the game on your PC with the help of Android Emulator LDPlayer. You will enjoy the game with new operators.

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