Ashley Judd remembers her mother’s battle with mental illness

Naomi Judd, star of the television show The Judds, died suddenly on April 30, 2022, after battling mental illness for some years before her death. The statement that her mother had passed away due to the pathology of mental illness was made public at the time by her daughters, Wynonna and Ashley.

After more than a week had passed after Judd’s death, the singer’s daughter Ashley spoke publicly about her mother’s loss and disclosed that the singer had committed herself. During an interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, Ashley confessed that her mother had taken her own life by shooting herself in the head with a gun. After that, Ashley divulged the fact that she had, by sheer coincidence, paid a visit to Naomi Judd in Tennessee on the same day that she passed away:

It was a mixed day. I was at the house visiting, just like I do on a daily basis when I’m back in Tennessee, where I live, so it was nothing out of the ordinary for me. When my mother asked me, ___Will you remain with me?! I immediately responded, Of course I will. In addition to this, it was claimed that Ashley was the one who found Judd’s corpse after the incident: I rushed upstairs to tell her that her close friend was there, and that’s when I found her there myself. I suffer from both sadness and trauma as a result of finding her.

Ashley said that her mother’s situation was “catastrophic,” and she said that her mother had been tricked into doing extreme things by voices in her head, which led to her horrible death: Because there was a wall between the respect people had for her and being able to get into her heart, that much tragedy was happening inside of her. She also fell for the lie that the illness told her because it was so convincing.

Ashley also said that she talked about Naomi Judd’s death to teach more people about the problems that come with mental health and to encourage them to get professional help if they need it:

Naomi Judd’s difficulties with her mental health

Naomi Judd has never been one to hide the problems she has had with her mental health over the course of her life. People have said that the late artist said in the past that her mental health problems were caused by the fact that she had a terrible and abusive childhood.

In 1990, when the singer was told she had hepatitis C, she had to decide to announce her retirement during the most successful part of her career with The Judds. Even though she was cured of her illness by 1995, it hurt her mental health. In an interview, Judd said that after her daughter Wynonna started a solo career after being diagnosed with hepatitis C, she felt sad, had panic attacks, and worried about being away from her. In 2006, the interview took place.

People have said Naomi Judd got long-term interferon treatments to treat her illness. People also say that she tried to get better with integrated therapies and techniques like biofeedback, aromatherapy, and meditation.

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