At Least 14 Prisoners Killed in Panama Prison Shooting

At least 14 prisoners were killed and 13 others, two of them in serious condition, in a shooting on Tuesday at La Joyita prison, which is located on the outskirts of Panama City and the most populous in the country, police sources said.

“Twelve people were killed and two were seriously injured and 11 were injured at the La Merced clinic,” Alexis Muñoz, deputy director of the National Police, told reporters.

The police chief confirmed that all the victims were prisoners, and said that the shooting took place between the gang members held in Hall 14 of La Joyita prison.

Muñoz said that the authorities have resumed control of the prison, which, according to official statistics, is the most populous in the country with 3,733 prisoners and a population of 896 people.

The police chief, who acknowledged that “there are many ways to get” weapons into this Panamanian prison given its structure, has changed the prison situation, as there has been no record of violence and less than this type for a long time. And location.

A statement issued by the Prison System Directorate said, “Once the situation is controlled, the leaders of the accident will be moved inside the ward and are currently isolated separately to avoid the outbreak of other violence.”

The official statement stated that during the search process that started after finding out the facts and ensuring control of the prison, several firearms, five short and three long, were found and confiscated.

Local media reported that among the captured weapons were three AK-47s and three 9mm automatic weapons, among others.

Panamanian President Laurentino Cortezo said that the authorities will take action against the entry of weapons into criminal circles.

“We must stop now, a week ago there was an inspection, weapons were found and now weapons, and this means that entry was permitted because these weapons did not fall from the sky,” Cortezo told reporters during the case. Tour of the interior of the country, according to the Telemetro series.

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