ATINYs accuses NMIXX’s ‘O.O’ video of plagiarism, Details of Plagiarism Accusations explained!

NMIXX, a new group from JYP Entertainment, made their debut on February 22, and they were instantly accused of copying. The first song released by the band, titled “O.O,” taken from their album AD MARE, received fairly mixed reviews from critics. When fans of ATEEZ from South Korea and other countries saw similarities between the music videos, they accused the agency of plagiarizing their work. Even though it was one of the most anticipated debuts of the year, the seven-woman female group received a lot of negative feedback when they made their debut. There were allegations that the band had copied the emblem of MONSTA X without permission. It has recently come to everyone’s attention that the music videos for ATEEZ and O.O. are very similar, which has sparked yet another round of debate.

ATEEZ supporters want JYP to apologize for NMIXX’s music video

NMIXX’s music video for “O.O” off of their first album “, AD MARE”, is a perfect example of the current trend of music videos featuring female groups with sophisticated and sophisticated themes. Audience members were taken aback by the music video’s innovative use of many themes. The ATINYs, fans of the ATEEZ, thought the costume, music, and set changes were amazing. Still, they quickly realized that the scenarios were similar to those in the group’s music videos. Numerous fans saw similarities between Illusion and The Real, the two films by O.O. and ATEEZ.

In particular, four pictures caused an uproar: one with a pirate ship soaring through a pink sky, another with a group dancing in the backdrop of an abandoned ship, another on a rooftop, and still another showing people dancing in the street. The idea behind the successful boy band ATEEZ from KQ Entertainment is centred on pirates and the hunt for hidden riches. Not the first band with a pirate theme, but the first to develop a plot continuity around it from its inception. Reactions were sparked by the O.O. music video’s striking similarity to pirate ships.

The plagiarism claims trended on Instiz, a South Korean forum

Fans of ATEEZ have spoken out to defend their views, saying that they are not restricting the illegally downloaded notion or attacking the female band. They criticize JYP Entertainment and the production crew for relying too much on a concept devised by ATEEZ for the group’s song and video rather than doing their research. Some TXT, LOONA, and ENHYPEN fans have said they saw parallels to the music video the groups had released.

Many South Korean online communities and social media platforms are discussing the plagiarism problem. In addition to plagiarism claims, the new experimental pop genre that JYP Entertainment planned to launch needs to be better received. Yet some argued that the NMIXX members shouldn’t be penalized for the group’s popularity. The agency’s choice shouldn’t take away from the members’ years of preparation for their debut. As of this writing, JYP Entertainment has made no formal statement.

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