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Baccarat is a French card game that was in favor in the 19th century – during the Napoleonic era, aristocrats played baccarat in exquisite private rooms. The first version of the game required three players and was called a Baccarat Banque. Read more about the origin and history of the game here:

In the 20th century, land-based casinos spread all over Europe – gambling ceased to be an entertainment for the rich people and significantly expanded the audience. During this period, the game’s rules were constantly changing, until in 1940, the most popular form that you can find in all the top online casinos in Canada was presented in Havana.

The point of the game

Baccarat can be played in single (Player vs. Banker or computer) and cooperative (up to 14 participants at one table) mode. The aim of the game is to have a hand score closest to 9:

  1. Before the game starts, you can wager on the Player’s hand, Dealer’s hand, and the Tie.
  2. The dealer and the player receive two face-down cards. Then cards are revealed – if one of the participants scores 8 or 9, he automatically becomes a winner.
  3. If no one scored 8 or 9, it is possible to draw a third card (only if the hand value is less than 6). An additional card might be a dangerous choice – the round will be lost if the sum of cards exceeds 8-9.
  4. The results of the round are summed up. The Player’s winning hand pays out 1:1, dealer’s hand – 95% from an initial bet. Tie cash-out rates are counted at an 8:1 or 9:1 ratio.

Practice shows that the dealer’s hand has higher winning odds – that’s why this bet on the best Canadian gambling websites goes with a 5% commission.

Baccarat has its own card counting rates:

  • Number cards from 2 to 9 keep their value
  • 10, Jack, Queen, and King worth 0 points
  • Ace values 1 point

That’s all you need to know about basic baccarat rules – in the best Canadian casinos, the essence of the game remains the same. However, there are different variations of the baccarat for gamblers with a small budget and with a huge reserve of funds:

  • Mini-Baccarat. A popular option in Asian casinos, attracting customers with low bet limits. The initial bet starts from $5 and reaches $25, and the highest point is $5000. Up to 7 players can join the table at the same time. Since the quantity of players is twice less than in classic baccarat, rounds are slipping by quicker.
  • Midi Baccarat. According to the name, midi baccarat is a middle ground between low and high-stakes areas. Most commonly, the lowest bet at this table starts from $25 and can reach up to $10 000. Up to 9 participants can join the competition.
  • Full-Size Baccarat. Best casino sites often host a separate table for high-rollers – be ready that the minimum bet starts from $50 and may be extended to $100 000. The table has space for 14 players – if all seats are taken, a gambling house can provide the second dealer.
  • Online Baccarat. A single-mode option that you can run into at any online casino in Canada. In this case, you’re playing alone – not against a live dealer, but versus the computer. Bet limits may vary depending on the chosen table.

Please note that baccarat is only available if you’re over 21 years old.

Baccarat bets

Now knowing the baseline information, we can take a look at various bets that are available at the baccarat table:

  • Banker bet. Place it if you think that the dealer will win the round. The payout rate is 9:20 (with a 5% commission), and the winning odds are 50,68%.
  • Player bet. Choose this one if you believe that the player’s hand will be close to 8 or 9. The payout ratio is 1:1, and the winnings odds (including the tie) are 44,63%.
  • The tie. If the Player and the Dealer gain an equal card value will be paid out. The outcome rate is 8:1, and the winning odds are 9,51%.

There are also side bets that can be found in a more advanced version of the game:

  • Player & Banker Pair – assumes that the first two cards of the player and the dealer are paired. Cash-out ratio: 11 to 1, the winning odds are 11,25%.
  • Perfect Pair – the first two cards of any participant are identical (for example, two queens of spades). Payout ratio: 11 to 1, the house edge is 17,07%.
  • Either Pair – similar to the Pair bet, but in this case, only one hand should hold a pair. The cash-out is 5:1, and the winning odds are 14,54%.

Congratulations, you’re familiar with basic baccarat rules!

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