Baytown lady faked pregnancy – Disappeared on the due date

It was a mystery for nearly a week that Elizabeth Jasso had mysteriously vanished from the streets of New York City. After paying a visit to her mother-in-law on August 5, a 31-year-old Baytown, Texas woman who was just widowed was never seen again. Law’s Jasso said that she was 40 weeks pregnant at the time of the incident and that she would give birth within the next few hours. As soon as the Texas lady vanished without a trace, rumours started flying that her whole pregnancy may have been an elaborate fraud. Even though Jasso was found after a frantic search that lasted for six days and she was found to be alive and in good health, it’s probable that she’s in a lot of trouble with the people who are her closest friend’s family members.

Who is Elizabeth Jasso?

Over the course of a week and a half, the extraordinary circumstances surrounding Elizabeth Jasso’s disappearance had investigators and the general public captivated. It is said that she was 40 weeks pregnant at the time and that she was going to have the baby within the next few hours, according to her statements. She also said that she had already been induced. As soon as the woman from Texas disappeared without a trace, rumours started spreading that the whole of her pregnancy may have been an elaborate fraud. In the early morning hours of August 5th, Jasso was last seen in Baytown, Texas. On the security tape kept by her neighbour, she can be seen driving away from her house in her white BMW, and she was last seen at the graveside of her husband.

Elizabeth Jasso’s family says she was never pregnant

When Jasso’s sister and father told Gonzalez that the 31-year-old woman had never been pregnant, he was taken aback by their statements. According to Jasso’s sister and her father, this is what Jasso’s cousin-in-law said to him when they saw one other. They believed that she was spreading false information about her pregnancy. She could not even get pregnant. Much alone has any children of her own. In point of fact, there are reports that Jasso faked a pregnancy image in which she utilized photos of her late husband as a background. In this picture, she is shown to be pregnant.

Baytown Police verified Jasso’s discovery early Wednesday

The woman conferred with the authorities on Tuesday at one o’clock in the afternoon to discuss her locations in the days preceding up to, during, and immediately after her disappearance. Although the authorities have confirmed that Jasso is safe and unharmed, there is still a lack of particular information. ABC 13 reports that there would be no criminal charges taken against the woman since there was no evidence of any illegal activities. The question of whether or not Jasso was pregnant, which had been one of the many questions that had been raised about her disappearance, has been resolved.

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