Benefits of an Automated Bed

We are used to the fact that automated beds are applied mostly in hospitals to facilitate patient care for the hospital personnel. Also, such beds are of great help to patients when they start getting out of bed on their own after, say, surgery or while recovering from an illness.

However, let us have a look at a different side of automated bed application. What about using it at home? Progressive Bed offers you such an opportunity.

You can choose from three options, each one with different functionality, for different budgets, and for different needs. But each one offers just the right set of options to make your sleep or just a short nap most as beneficial as it can be.

While you still might believe that a good mattress is a solution to all your sleeping issues, this is far from the truth. A good automated bed offers you a number of benefits that no mattress can offer.

It allows you to adjust the curvature to provide ergonomic support for your spine and neck. The bed will keep them in their natural positions. So, in the morning, you won’t have any back or neck pain or stiffness.

A traditional bed doesn’t distribute the body weight correctly. It influences the work of the heart in a negative way. The heart starts beating faster in an effort to pump more blood to our organs, and we might start feeling sick. An adjustable bed allows eliminating this issue by the correct weight distribution and thus, avoids the heart overloading. You can adjust your bed to provide the required support to all parts of your body.

Complement your adjustable bed with high-quality memory foam or cervical pillows, a good mattress, and you will never know what the issues with sleep are or how it is to wake up tired because you haven’t slept properly.

Benefits of Beds from Progressive Automations

There are not so many companies, for now, that manufacture adjustable beds for everyday needs. So, choosing somebody with experience in this field might be tricky. However, you can select a company that has been manufacturing a variety of products that work with linear actuators. If their products are normally of top quality, it is most likely that their beds will not be worse.

Here are just some basics you shall look for when choosing a quality adjustable bed:

  • Quality design: top-quality beds are upholstered and headboard-compatible. Their exquisite non-intrusive design will fit in any environment whether it is a huge home or a smaller flat.
  • A bed with a programmable preset allows you to choose the right option for you.
  • Make you get rid of snoring. A good bed guarantees you the best sleep. So, no more snoring.

Can Such Beds Be Used for Patient Care Purposes?

An adjustable bed is a wonderful option to increase the comfort level of a patient who needs special care. By adjusting the bed, caregiving personnel or a patient can comfortably access and use a lift to get up, to move their body from a laying into a sitting position, to facilitate the process of accommodating to sleep, and similar. So, such beds are highly beneficial for patient care, as well, both at homes and in hospitals.

Bottom Line

If you take proper care of your sleeping habits, buying an adjustable bed is almost a must for you. While the item isn’t cheap, it will serve you for ages, and it is a good investment in your health. You cannot disagree that such investment is the best investment. So, if you want to sleep properly and prevent discomfort and fatigue after waking up, use an adjustable bed.


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