Best 420-Friendly Retreats

From beverages and cosmetics to supplements, weddings, 420 restaurants, and tourism, cannabis has become much more normalized in today’s society, allowing it to expand into new industries. More people want to partake in the green goddess while doing things outside their home and with sweeping legalization, that dream is quickly becoming a reality. If you want to have a new experience with marijuana, try a 420-friendly retreat aimed at relaxation, wellness, and of course the gorgeous Mary Jane. Ganja yoga retreats may be the first thing that comes to mind since they are so common, however you don’t have to memorize the sun salutation because there are many different kinds of cannabis retreats! One thing you hopefully will do during the weed retreat is meet and mingle with other pot connoisseurs, unwind and enjoy various activities (usually outdoors) while high, and most importantly gain a deeper appreciation of the cannabis plant and what its benefits. These are just a few of the best 420-friendly retreats to add to your bucket list right now.

420 Yoga Retreats, Colorado

If de-stressing with some yoga, meditation, and a CBD massage in front of the Rocky Mountains sounds like the perfect getaway, 420 Yoga Retreats is for you! There are lots of ganja yoga retreats out there to choose from (particularly in Colorado), but this one is all about leaving rejuvenated and digitally detoxed (we all need that). Plus, they also offer a yoga weed retreat for couples who want to improve connectedness and romance through movement and pot. After you’ve completed your two or three day experience, you can sign up to the cannabis yoga teacher training program held in-person or virtually, so you can guide others through their elevated practice once you return back home.

Coral Cove Wellness Retreat, Jamaica

Considered the first medicinal plant and fungi-based health and wellness retreat in the world, the Coral Cove Wellness Retreat is a private experience that is tailored to each individual’s therapeutic needs. The boutique resort is located in the remote Westmoreland area of Jamaica away from crowded tourist hotspots, so visitors have complete seclusion. The cannabis retreat has an onsite greenhouse, but if smoking isn’t for you, ask the head chef to turn any dish imaginable into a weed edible. After indulging, experience cannabis tourism at its finest by snorkeling in the waters off the 420-friendly resort’s private cove, smoking weed and hiking to a nearby natural mineral spring said to soothe sore muscles, or watching the sunset under the coconut trees.

Glowing Goddess Getaway, various locations

If you want to let your spirit run free and leave strict schedules behind, head to one of the female-only cannabis weekends hosted by Glowing Goddess Getaway. Held at gorgeous outdoor locations around North America, this women’s weed retreat focuses on sisterhood, self-love, and utilizing marijuana to unlock spirituality and creativity. Gain access and reserve a spot at one of the cannabis weekends by becoming a member of the social club. You’ll be camping or glamping under the stars and choosing your own itinerary, which can include anything your heart desires, from making flower crowns, enjoying the dab bar, swimming at a lake, listening to a seminar on the benefits of CBD, munching on edibles, painting on the lawn, or being immersed in a sound bath. Previous Glowing Goddess Getaways have been held at Coachella Valley, Canada, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Massachusetts, Oregon, Illinois, and more.

Cannabliss Retreats, various locations

For a longer, more immersive weed retreat, tag along for a five to eight day adventure organized by Cannabliss Retreats at stunning locations around the globe. Last year they hosted three getaways in California, one in Canada, and their next will be at Coral Cove in Jamaica, which we already mentioned as one of the best cannabis retreats in the world! These immersive marijuana experiences touch upon the mind, body, and spirit for a truly holistic approach. If you prefer typical tourist activities like lounging at the pool, head to the unlimited vape bar first for a quick pick-me-up and when you get hungry, munch on wholesome local cuisine. Other elevated activities such as wellness workshops, meditation sessions, sound bath experiences, and yoga classes are at your fingertips.

Other cannabis retreats:

Twisted Sister Yoga, Colorado – Elevated yoga classes at their urban sanctuary in Denver and invitation only yoga retreats.

Ganjasana, various locations – Build a relationship with cannabis through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness at one of the cheap weed retreats great for those on a budget.

Cannamaste, Colorado – For adventurous pot lovers who prefer a variety of activities like hiking, guided yoga, weed edible cooking classes, greenhouse and dispensary tours, and CBD workshops.

My 420 Tours, Colorado – Private all-inclusive package with 420-friendly accommodations, all transportation, a cannabis-infused massage, dispensary discounts, smoking accessory goodie bag, and four cannabis tours to choose from including a sushi and joint rolling class, chronic and cocktails bar hop, marijuana concentrates class, cannabis grow tour, and more.

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