Best Delta 8 THC Tinctures of 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Delta-8 THC is overall an ever-growing trend being itself the golden middle between Delta-9 THC and CBD. Most people are already familiar with Delta-9 THC and refer to this compound as the one that gets us “high.” That is, in fact, true.

Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, has much milder psychotropic effects on people after consumption. It’s, in other words, more “down-to-earth.” It won’t cause bouts of paranoia, and people won’t be left with a feeling of dizziness or nausea after using it.

When it comes to products teemed with Delta-8 THC, there is a great variety of them. There is the traditional Delta-8 flower in the first lines, then Delta-8 cartridges, tinctures, vapes, and the very delicately consumable edibles such as the Delta-8 gummies.

Tinctures, which we’ll focus on in this text, are also neatly and discretely consumed by placing a few drops of liquid from the tincture under the tongue. Why is discreteness important? Not everybody is comfortable with their friends being aware of what is consumed.

After all, let’s face it – people are nosy and talk a lot, so there’s nothing worse than having to explain yourself for consuming Delta-8 THC to a know-it-all.  For this reason, tinctures are the way to go when you want to keep a low profile.

Review of the Top Delta 8 Brands in 2021

If we consider the actual brands of Delta-8 tinctures, there is a lot of stuff on the market. Some manufacturers tend to become copycats, and what they sell may not be pure. Instead, you’ll end up with cheap copies.

To avoid this, and in order not to waste money, we’ve made a list for you with the top 6 tincture brands that are worth your money. Also, before you make any actual purchase, follow these two steps beforehand to ensure yourself only with the finest product out there.

  1. Investigate the company – see what kind of reputation the company has, their lab reports, and the reviews of customers that have already shopped from them. Your manufactures must have third-party lab test results;
  2. Check their return policies and their shipping chargers – some sites may be scams if the shipping fee is enormous. Also, make sure that there is always 24/7 customer service available, and we can’t stress enough how crucial this is;

Our top 6 picks of Delta-8 THC tinctures that have passed our thorough research on drawbacks are:

8 Delta8

All products from this manufacturer contain no more than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC. Located in Loveland, Colorado, with third-party lab test results, they offer the top-quality 8 Delta-8 tincture ranging in price from $34.99 to $70.

The bottles they offer are available in 1000mg, 2000mg, and 5000mg. If this is still not suitable for you, we are happy to tell you that they offer bulk buys, as well, for those who want to shop only in large quantities. So how can you be confident that they are a supplier you can completely trust?

They invest in rigorous lab testing to provide only the products of the highest quality for their customers. If you are interested in seeing lab results, you can easily download a PDF file from their website.

They recommend that you wait 30-90 seconds after placing drops under your tongue from their tincture. This way, the effects will kick in after approximately 20 minutes and will last up to 6 hours. Another way is adding it to your food or beverage, which might be even safer.

However, there is limited research done in this field to tell you the exact effect Delta-8 THC will have in the process of digestion. For this reason, we always recommend consulting a doctor before consumption to understand your medical condition completely.

However, if you search online and check the reviews of 8 Delta8 and other tinctures’ reviews, you will find nothing else but positive feedback. Tinctures have the mildest effects and maybe the best option for beginners who want to try Delta-8. 

Plain Jane

Plain Jane’s Delta-8 CBD hemp tincture is available in 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg tincture bottles of CBD per ml. Their natural Delta-8 CBD tincture is perfect for both mornings and nights. It is convenient, easily consumable, and, most importantly – discrete.

You can rest assured that Plain Jane’s Delta-8 CBD tincture does not have any GMOs or pesticides. The effects you’ll feel will be soothing and calming throughout the whole day. Now, let’s talk about what Plain Jane’s tincture does include.

It’s made from top-quality industrial hemp, which was cultivated under a rigorously monitored procedure. Therefore, you can be confident that this tincture will come with only the best bioavailability. In addition, the CBD it contains is said to be able to alleviate pain and even reduce anxiety.

However, more research has to be done in this field. But overall, it’s not psychoactive and what you will feel is a mild, calm, and relaxing state of mind. The base of their tincture is an MCT oil base made in the USA.

The usage of this tincture should suppose a drop under the tongue and then a 90 seconds wait before swallowing. Their tinctures are, in fact, highly potent, and those who are beginners should range their initial dosage between 5mg and 10mg.

The more experienced ones can go between 10mg and 40mg. The tincture itself does have therapeutic properties and can help you sleep healthier, increase your mental well-being, and provide you more focus and clarity.

However, this product should be kept out of reach of children, avoided when driving, taking a drug test, or nursing. Also, this product is not meant for curing or treating any particular disease. The FDA has not yet evaluated any of the statements listed above.

Plain Jane will not be responsible for any legal problems you may encounter, so always check your state laws before your purchase here.

Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms’ tincture is highly potent and ranges from $29.99 to $67.99. You can choose between strengths of 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg. The flavors you can pick from are mint, lemon, orange, and unflavoured.

For a safe usage, here is a short recommended dosage guide for this particular tincture:

  • 5000mg tincture – begin with only one drop (167mg/ml);
  • 2500mg tincture – begin with two drops (84mg/ml);
  • 1000mg tincture – begin with 4 drops (34mg/ml);

You are recommended never to exceed the prescribed dosage. Beginners should never consume more than 10 mg per dosage, whereas more experienced users should go as far as 40 mg per dosage. The Industrial Hemp Farm’s tincture has some key features listed below.

The tincture has an MCT oil base, it’s lab-tested, non-GMO, there are absolutely no pesticides, it’s made with only high-quality industrial hemp, and it’s produced and manufactured in the USA. You can also find the lab results on the website.

Since the tincture may have intoxicating effects, do not use it if you are nursing or pregnant or diagnosed with any medical condition. Likewise, avoid it if you are operating a vehicle, plan to take a drug test, or are using any prescribed medication whatsoever.

Nuleaf Natural Delta-8 THC Tincture

Nuleaf offers only full-spectrum organic hemp, guarantees only high quality of their tincture, and the shipping is free in the USA with estimated delivery of 2-3 days. Nuleaf was founded back in 2014 in Colorado, USA, by three experts.

Ever since, it has been an overcrowded industry because it offers only natural, high-quality, and healthy full-spectrum CBD. Their tinctures teem with pure and 100% organic Delta-8 THC. The hemp they get it from is therapeutic in its effects.

Once Nuleaf’s products have been lab-tested, we found the following results. Their products are free from fungi, molds, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, and herbicides. In addition, all their products are GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices).

We’ve combed for any potential downsides and found only two small flaws that honestly needn’t be considered flaws at all. The first one is that their tinctures do not come in any flavors. The second is the return policy.

Namely, you can only return a product if the package is not broken and there is still an undamaged seal on it. In addition, all products that have been used cannot be returned, and there is no money-back guarantee for any of them.

Diamond CBD Chill Plus Tincture

Diamond CBD is a well-reputed brand based in the USA and has been as such since 2015. All of their products are 100% organic and tested clinically. Everything is produced in the USA, and their staff has only experienced professionals and chemists.

The top ratings and the reviews of customers you can find online can only confirm that. Their tincture combines purified Delta-8 THC and 100% organic cannabidiol, which is extracted from hemp plants. The ratio of the two is 500mg:500mg.

The method they use for extraction is supercritical CO2 extraction, which is one of the most refined and polished techniques. Their tincture is an ideal choice for those who want a short and soft boost while staying collected.

Ingredients used in the Diamond CBD tincture are hemp extracts and MCT oil. If it can even be called that, the only downside is that there are no flavors available. All tinctures are unflavoured. We also did our homework and read numerous reviews.

The conclusion is that this product is perfect for those who are not into smoking or vaping. It’s true that not everyone can handle the psychotropic effect that the traditional Delta-8 THC flower invokes, which is why Diamond CBD is perfect for you if all you want is an enjoyable, mellow buzz.

3Chi Delta-8 THC Tincture

3Chi was founded by a biochemist and is located in the United States. It’s also known for offering only pure Delta-8 THC derived from hemp plants. The products are authentic, have third-party lab test results, and give their best to be one of the most credible providers.

The tinctures they offer come in the range between 300 mg and 1200 mg of Delta-THC in each tincture bottle. In addition, they offer two very distinct tinctures. The first one has a wide range of Delta-8 THC oil, and the second one is a mixture of CBN (cannabinol) and Delta-8.

The ingredients they use for every tincture are vitamin E, MCT oils, and organic terpene, which is a mixture of hemp extracts. There are no artificial flavors whatsoever, and you can be certain to get calming effects that will soothe your mind and body.

We also have to list some of the things we found as downsides, but they are so minor that they needn’t be even considered. The two of them are:

  • The euphoric effects may take a while to kick in properly;
  • There is no way to contact the customer service other than online;

The Wrap Up

We hope that our thorough analysis from the research we have done has helped you narrow down your picks. With a detailed description of each of the brands above, you’ll know just what to expect. But, naturally, respect the two crucial steps of caution we have laid out for you before the list as well.

There is nothing worse than giving your money for a non-genuine product, whereas all you wanted was not to get scammed. But these things happen, and it is our responsibility to make sure that we smartly avoid them.

Once again, tinctures are easy for consumption, can fit in your pocket, and keep the usage of Delta-8 THC a secret. Always check your state laws before you purchase any particular tincture. This can vary from state to state and depends solely on where you reside.

If you plan to travel, check the state laws in the state where you are going. The company that you bought the tincture from will not be responsible. TLDR; be cautious and do your homework.

Good luck!

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