Best Fantasy Apps for the World’s Most Popular Sports

Fantasy sports games have provided huge boosts to some of what were already some of the world’s most popular pastimes. They add another dimension to major sporting events from Premier League soccer matches to NBA games, keeping fans engaged in the sport beyond just watching live contests. FanDuel is one of the most popular fantasy games around today, offering players the chance to win money with multiple options for NBA, NFL, NHL golf and UFC. Sites like OddsChecker have helped attract more fans to these games with their FanDuel promo code promo code, as well as countless other sign up offers. In addition to their websites, the most popular games have mobile apps that provide a slicker more streamlined experience for fans. Here are some of the best apps for the world’s most popular sports.


As the world’s most-watched sport, soccer is extremely popular with fantasy players, who can enjoy the many competitions that take place around the world throughout the year. The sport’s most popular competition is the English Premier League, and its fantasy game boasts over 8 million players worldwide. Players are given a £100m budget to choose their starting XI and four substitutes to compete with others in local, national and private leagues. One of the things that makes the FPL so popular is the fact that it is free to enter and gives players the opportunity to win great prizes including all-inclusive holidays, electronic devices and Premier League match tickets.

Other popular competitions like the Champions League also have their own official fantasy games with similar rules, formats and prizes like tickets to the Final, team kit and video games.


Like soccer, basketball’s popularity makes it ideal for fantasy games. Additionally, the fact that games are played as regularly as every two or three nights makes it the perfect fantasy sport with plenty of opportunities for players to earn points. The format of the sport itself also increases its fantasy appeal, with the frequency of scoring resulting in plenty of points gained for baskets scored, assists, rebounds, steals and blocks. The NBA has its own fantasy section which provides statistics and analysis on players in fantasy-friendly terms, making it a vital source of information for players. FanDuel is one of the leagues authorized gaming operators and the most popular fantasy option for NBA fans.

The NBA also has its own Bracket Challenge called NBA Pick ‘Em that gives fans the chance to predict match outcomes and compete with others for prizes.


While there are much fewer NFL games than in other sports like basketball or soccer, it is just as popular among fantasy players. Like basketball, it is a sport that features several metrics that can be quantified and used to earn fantasy points such as rushing yards, touchdowns, touchdown passes and interceptions. As well as being covered by FanDuel, The NFL’s website features an official fantasy game, as well as “Predict the Pick”, a fun game that allows fans to predict the draft and compete with others. The NFL also provides fantasy tips and analysis via online articles and their NFL Fantasy Football Podcast, which is available on all main platforms.


Cricket is another sport with a high number of quantifiable metrics that make it perfect for fantasy sports, although its fantasy player numbers don’t match up with the number of viewers. While cricket is extremely popular in countries such as the UK, India, Pakistan and Australia, its lack of viewership and participation in the United States means that the sport isn’t covered on major sites like FanDuel. This may be the reason that fantasy cricket isn’t as popular as other sports, so fans will be hoping that changes soon.

Cricket fans hoping to enjoy fantasy games can enjoy the likes of The Cricket Draft, which allows fans of UK County Cricket to build a squad of their favorite players and compete with their friends. In terms of international cricket, the ICC website features an official fantasy game for the T20 World Cup, allowing fans the chance to compete with others for real prizes.

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