Best Innovation Management Software for 2021

Want to be in control of your ideas, innovations, or employee suggestions? Store them in one place? In our article, you will learn about the best management software.

A Selection Of Best Idea And Innovation Management Software

Management software helps to achieve goals from the strategic to the executive level of the organization. In simple programs, any business owner will develop a business, increase sales, control the execution of tasks, idea management and get the desired results. Also, innovative softwares can enable you:

  • make a rational proposal;
  • vote, comment, and implement the best ideas;
  • participate in the development of new ideas of the company;
  • benefit from the successful implementation of rational proposals.

Below we have provided a list of the best ideas and innovation management softwares. All programs are safe, easy to use, and will significantly increase your bottom line.


Aha! – used by thousands of business owners and organizations. Users refer to this application as roadmap design software. This application includes such functions as anti-virus scanning, access control to the organization’s IP address, setting up tables, schemes, backing up data, exporting an account, and managing licenses. Users of Aha! can collect all information about a product in one place. You can also indicate daily tasks for employees and share ideas for improving the company’s performance. The whole team will be able to see an overall picture of the business or project’s state. Note, the main feature is that the program encrypts the exchange of messages between users. Nobody outside will know about your ideas.


Planbox is the best innovation management solution that allows you to manage ideas jointly. The program allows you to see if your innovations will be successful, easy to use, affordable, easy to implement and provide excellent results. The platform allows you to record and manage ideas, reviews, employee suggestions, problems, solutions. The program, based on your tasks, situations, helps to stimulate the development of ideas. To do this, it is enough to specify the purpose of your project in the settings.


If you want to protect your innovations, developments, ideas from outsiders, you need to use VeePN. The service has good VPN features: unblock any site, privacy protection, check IP and change IP, connection to 2500 servers, one account on several devices, modern data encryption. The service offers a free version, with which you can test all the functions of the tool. Using a VPN is very easy: register on the site, download the program, and connect to high-speed servers. The service’s main feature is that VeePN has a VPN kill switch to block all traffic before running into any problems.

If you enable the kill switch in the VPN app, the connection will be disconnected when you lose the VPN server. For example, you connected your computer to a VPN server located in New York, and it doesn’t work very well. It connects and disconnects frequently. If you don’t have the kill switch enabled, your computer will continue to open non-VPN websites when disconnected from the VPN server.

However, if you turn on the emergency switch, the program will immediately disconnect the connection between your computer and the website server. In other words, it helps you hide your real identity from websites when the VPN server is causing problems.


This tool is popular with business leaders. What are the key features of idea management software? The tool helps users analyze what new products have entered the market, monitor, improve customer service quality, increase employee involvement in the project, and optimize the work process. The program generates ideas, and you do not need to study trends in the market for the provided service or products. The tool allows you to select the best ideas, predicts their usefulness, ease of use, and results. The program use algorithms with which you can promote ideas.


Crowdicity is a platform where you can share innovation. In turn, society offers ideas on how to implement innovation and what elements to add. You can also add a problem, and the community will suggest a solution. Or you ask several questions, and the community will answer them – you will be able to see in which direction to move. Users can write not only messages but also download photos, documents, videos. If you would like to conduct research, you can gather people to conduct the survey. You can manage these groups, creating a team of people, depending on experience, knowledge. Users can rate your ideas, make changes. Note that users have access to the anonymous voting function.


The company that developed the Basecamp app has invested in its greatest strengths – ease of use and speed. What are the benefits of idea management software? Basecamp is a straightforward, affordable, and effective program that helps you manage projects, ideas, innovations. You can find items such as calendars, discussions, profiles, tasks, project deadlines, and much more in the app. The program is excellent for those managers who want to hear employees’ ideas for improving the project or agree on working moments. For example, if you need to agree on visual content for a website or design for a home, you can turn on the discussion function and get the team’s views. At the same time, you can manage projects in real-time.

Genius Project

Genius Inside has created a platform-independent software – Genius Project. The program is intended for those users who want to manage a project, idea, innovation. You can customize the program for your own needs, while the ease of use does not deteriorate. Also, the company offers you a lot of tools for project management. For example, you can communicate online. And not just in chats, but organize online conference rooms. So you will be able to exchange information, find out the opinions of colleagues, assign tasks and make changes to the project.


ClickUp provides three different options for using the program: board, table, and box. In the application, you can create ideas for a future project. Also, you can edit all the boxes with ideas, reorder, color by the theme. In the program, managers can assign tasks to employees and monitor their work. If you need to tackle your tasks, you can use the multitasking table. The ClickUp control panel is based on Agile technology. A simple but at the same time, the convenient application allows you to make your ideas more informative.

Acuvate Wave

Acuvate Wave is designed to drive ideas. Also, users can collect information for the project, work together, evaluate and select bright ideas. In the future, you can implement the best ideas with the help of business tools. Acuvate Wave can organize innovation and drive change in a project. Also, with the help of the program, you can reward employees for introducing good ideas. The tool provides trending business ideas, and you can quickly react by sharing information with colleagues. The program is excellent for helping to develop a business, increase profits and effectively promote ideas.


Qmarkets is an excellent tool for improving business results and employee engagement. The program is designed to detect trending projects and manage ideas from employees, clients, partners. Interested parties can offer their ideas for the project, comment on ready-made ones, evaluate, help develop, and mark the most productive ideas. The program also improves the business and reduces the cost of implementing ideas by offering profitable implementation forms.


We’ve brought you a list of the best idea and innovation management programs. For an effective result, we advise you to combine the programs in your work and consider all the programs’ tips. They have been handled by the best companies that are well versed in the field of business.

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