Best TikTok transitions of 2022–2023

Most videos consist of multiple blocks or clips. There is one thing that can help you “glue” them together and make your video feel like a single story rather than just a collection of random bits. That is, video transitions. TikTok transitions are the key to viral videos. Most importantly, it makes people watch your TikTok videos longer, which the algorithm rewards with significantly more reach. The ultimate goal of any video transition is to move the viewer smoothly from one scene to another.

Transitions are the key to viral TikTok videos

Transition at the click of a finger

This transition gives you control over the situation so that whatever you want happens at the click of a finger in the TikTok editing app. To make this transition, you must think about what you want to show. There can be different options: running away from the hustle and bustle of the city to changing your look from casual at home to evening dress.

If a snap of the fingers shows the simplicity of the action, then swiping with the hand adds a little spice and magic to it. With a wave of your hand, you can disappear on their own, or make objects disappear from the frame and restore them by swiping back again.

Crushing transition with the hood

As soon as such transitions appeared, they literally flooded TikTok with their popularity. The essence of the classic transition of changing outfits or clothes using hoodies. This transition is used both by one person and by a group of people.

The point is to discreetly change the color in the best TikTok editing app of the hoodie from one to another, as if you are smashing yourself or a member of the group on different surfaces for the sake of outrageousness.

Transition haircut the trend of 2022

If the above transition becomes a classic over time in the edit TikTok video, then today it is one of the main trends. A man with long hair enters the frame, holding the ends of his hair in one hand and moving them up and down in sync with the background music. There is a climax and a transition: the hair is “pulled out” and immediately after that a person with a shorter haircut appears.

Transitions are usually accompanied by a certain soundtrack, and here it has its own degree of influence. Therefore, the soundtrack becomes an incentive to pass through all the classic and new transitions in the TikTok video editor. If you’ve seen these short haircut videos, you might notice that they have a click-click soundtrack applied to them.

You can combine it with finger snaps, hand flaps, or changing clothes any way you want. The most popular TikTok trends tend to set the trend by using certain combinations of transitions for the first time, they also set the trend in soundtracks. This causes a wave of imitation in their style, leading to the development of a direction with a more complex performance or its replacement with something new.

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