Billy and Tommy FunkoPops are currently unavailable online, and fans are furious, Details explained

Although WandaVision’s Billy and Tommy FunkoPops have been widely anticipated by customers, many of those customers have been left unhappy that the product is currently unavailable on Amazon despite the fact that it was only recently released. In the wake of the disheartening announcement, social media has been flooded with tweets about the cute twins who appear in Marvel’s WandaVision. It was planned that Billy and Tommy would participate in the yearly pop culture convention Funko Virtual Con: Spring 2021. They were new additions to the burgeoning roster of collectables that FunkoPop had available, which already featured iconic figures such as Wonder Woman 1984 and Kenny Powers, among others. As an Amazon exclusive, the twins were advertised with the characters Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down and The Deep from The Boys.

WandaVision family joins Funko Pop!

Funko is releasing a new collection of WandaVision Funko Pops just in time for the convention that will be held virtually. Funko has made their intention to make the Billy and Tommy Maximoff Pop public! Figures are available only at the 2021 Emerald City Comic Con. During Funko’s VirtualCon, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase these figures. Figures of Billy and Tommy decked out in their superhero costumes from the show’s Halloween episode are included. Pietro Maximoff’s Halloween costume at Westview is a reference to his Marvel Comics character Quicksilver, and Funko has announced that they will be releasing a limited-edition figurine of Maximoff costumed as Quicksilver in the near future. On the Funko website, you are able to immediately place a pre-order for the Pietro Pop.

Fans are upset Billy and Tommy FunkoPops aren’t on Amazon

Marvel’s WandaVision has been the most successful television show produced thus far in 2021. Fans are attracted by the exploits of Wanda Maximoff and Vision each and every week as they take place in the idyllic town of Westview. The performances of Wanda and Vision’s twin sons, Billy and Tommy, won the hearts of people all around the world. Fans were going to have a strong desire for their FunkoPops that much was certain.

After hearing the news, fans went into a frenzy, and many of them immediately flocked to Twitter to vent their anger and criticise Amazon for their bungled distribution of the eagerly anticipated Billy and Tommy FunkoPop figures. Fans are in an uproar after finding that Amazon is seeing significant difficulties in meeting the demand for Billy and Tommy FunkoPops.

Despite the growing number of critical comments posted on the internet, supporters will continue to maintain the belief that this is only a temporary setback. Fans can hardly contain their excitement until the season finale of WandaVision, which will be shown on March 5 at 3 a.m. Eastern Time. Keep up with us to receive more updates and the most recent information. Be sure to come back since we will update the information on when the FunkoPops will be available.

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