Bully 2: Release Date, Setting, Platforms, Development, and More!

Bully” was initially released in 2006, Rockstar’s ‘cult’ game may have a sequel on the way very soon. Bully was a game centered on a rule-breaking middle schooler. It is adding a challenge of trying to suit in. As, of course, it is twisting by Rockstar.

Many people praised the game round the globe. It was seen as a mini GTA game with attention on all the mischief you’ll cause throughout the varsity.

Rockstar Games has risen to become one among the foremost well-known and revered game developers within the world. They need to produce two of the best-selling game franchises of all time, GTA and Red Dead Redemption. However, there is one Rockstar series that a lot of fans haven’t overlooked it.


There are multiple rumors of Bully 2’s growth and development for the previous few years. However, in the last month, a Reddit post was uploaded, which contained all the speculation thus far.

According to the Reddit post, all of those rumors are leaked either by artwork or by Rockstar Games employees.

The post details that Bully 2 was initially within the developing stages right after the Bully 1 release in 2006. They also say that the sport is being developed by Rockstar New England instead of their Vancouver location. They were those that worked on Bully 1.


There are leaks that Bully 2 is going to be a direct sequel of the first title. But this point it might be centered on Jimmy’s (The main protagonist) life reaction instead of at college.

The house featured in Bully 2 is going to be kept by his step-parents, which could mean that step sibling might be the main characters also. It might be an inspiring story into Jimmy’s life reception instead of school as during the Bully 1 intro screen. You are showcased with the rather turbulent relationship that Jimmy has together with his parents.

Release Date

Although many people are wanting to know a date and say, it’s the possible release date for Bully 2. There has unluckily been no OFFICIAL release date set as of yet.

However, there may be a teaser before the release date in the upcoming coming months of 2020. Hopefully, then we will finally get a release date.

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