Can Online Casinos Be Considered an Esports?

With the latest improvements in online gaming technology, casinos seems to have some similarities with esports. During esports competitions, players usually compete by playing various online video games for a golden price. However, online casinos seems to give players a lot of endless rewards and bonuses. You can bet anytime and anywhere.

Online casinos have a particular promotional offer that grants bettors a generous number of free spins, wagering gifts. You can also findĀ best $10 deposit bonus casino Canada that allows players to play real money slots. The objective of this reward is to enable customers to play their favorite slot games and withdraw your funds as soon as possible.

Considering the gifting aspects of online casinos, we can temporarily say online casinos is a specialty of its own since esports doesn’t encourage gifting beforehand. Although they both aim at awarding prizes to winners, is it okay to classify it as an esport? Let’s check it out.

The Game of Chance

As casinos involves more of a game of chance, esports is a different form of entertainment. This is mainly because a profound set of skills is needed for players to participate in esport activities and hopefully win. At the same time, online casinos focuses more on probability and less on the player’s skill for them to make earnings.

For an entertainment precinct, esports’ sudden popularity and fame came as a shock to everyone. Its early history was about five decades ago at Stanford University for the game of Spacesweeper. However, until early 2010 it rose to fame, anticipated to generate over a billion-dollar worth of revenue with over 500 million viewers. Esports in 2022 is just another prolific entertainment industry for the public.

Compared to the old history of gambling, esports early existence was brought about as a game to test player skills for a grand prize. If we were to focus on the inter-personal requirements of a player, there is no way online casinos can be an esport because of its gameplay of chance and probability.

Playing For A Price

As stated earlier, the end product of both esports and casinos is a reward. This is an apparent similarity that can class virtual gambling as an esport. Furthermore, it is crucial to be aware that casinos is always at the expense of players losing real money. In contrast, Esports is rarely a money-for-money entertainment.

Age Limit

It is well-known that online gambling prohibits underage betting. This is, however, a negative factor when trying to consider online casinos as an esports. Esports is just a competition involving players playing online games for a particular reward. All aspects of esports don’t encourage any form of gambling. Therefore the provision for young players to participate without the age factor is normal. There is also an exception for esports if only the particular gaming content is rated over a specific age.

ESports and Casino Games

The debatable conquest behind every theory of classifying sports and games focuses on making most gaming activities a part of the sport. Indeed, sports involve physical activities like football, basketball, and other clear examples. For esports, there is almost an apparent disagreement. It was virtually ignored as a sport until its recent declarations that it involves skills and players’ effort.

On the other hand, every online casino has improved by using top-class technology to provide casino games. Still, casino is a game of chance requiring very few skills. This is also an exception for specific games, including card games like blackjack, baccarat, etc. Bettors also need skills to compete in this kind of casino entertainment. Bringing the aspect of skill play and effort together, another correlation exists between esports and online gambling.


Esports and online casinos have a number of striking similarities and differences. Online gambling can offer a lot of benefits if you are winning to take risks. During esports games, the winner takes all. Other players take a consolation prize.

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