Can You Mix CBD Oil with Other CBD Products?

The natural wellness industry is buzzing about CBD and its many therapeutic properties. One of the primary appeals of CBD is that it can be used in numerous ways. It can be smoked, vaped, ingested as an oil, capsule, or gummy, applied to the skin, or added to favorite food or beverages.

CBD oil is the flagship product of the CBD industry. The industry was born from CBD oil, and it continues to be the most popular and widely used product. 

However, infusing this natural compound into various health, wellness, and beauty products is becoming more the norm. 

So can you safely mix CBD oil with other CBD products? We explore below.

Can You Combine Different CBD Products?

The vast selection of CBD products on offer today means that there is something to suit every preference and lifestyle. 

CBD oil is preferred by many because it’s unrivaled in versatility and flexibility. The dosage can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. For instance, unlike capsules and gummies, which contain a pre-measured amount of cannabidiol (CBD), users can administer the desired dosage via the oil dropper.

Moreover, CBD oil can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) or added to foods and drinks. It’s also available in many different strengths and delicious flavors.

That said, each CBD product offers something different in terms of onset time, duration of effects, strength, and suitability. Therefore, it’s often beneficial to combine different CBD products. A high-strength CBD oil may be perfect for you in the morning, but perhaps you need something more convenient, like capsules or gummies, for while at work or on the go.

Mixing different CBD products allows users to take advantage of CBD’s versatile influence. Your CBD use should be tailored to your lifestyle and needs for optimal results.

Is It Safe to Combine Different CBD Products?

Your biggest concern with mixing CBD oil with other products is perhaps the risk of consuming too much. 

The trick to combining different CBD products is micro-dosing – using a very small amount of CBD at a time, which we will in more detail discuss later. 

It’s also worth noting that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers CBD generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. In addition, a 2011 study published in Current Drug Safety reports that for CBD to become toxic, the user must consume almost 20,000mg of the cannabinoid. Not only is it nearly impossible to consume this amount of CBD, but it would also be very expensive.

CBD can cause side effects, but they’re generally mild and pass quickly. These include dry mouth, lethargy, nausea, low blood pressure, and lightheadedness. To date, there aren’t any reports of anyone getting sick from a CBD overdose. 

Users should be wary of mixing CBD oil with other medications, though, since the two substances could have a negative interaction. Consult your doctor before adding CBD to your health regime if you’re already on other medication.

How to Combine CBD Oil with Other CBD Products

Combining CBD oil with other CBD products allows you to maintain a consistent CBD level throughout the day to optimize results. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for combining different CBD products – it depends on your personal preference, needs, and lifestyle. But here are a few things to consider.

Learn How to Microdose

Microdosing entails taking very small amounts of CBD throughout the day. Rather than increasing your CBD dosage, you increase your dosage frequency. 

For instance, if your daily dosage goal is 80mg CBD, you can take four 20mg doses at different points in the day. Moreover, you can administer the dosage using different products. For instance, you can take CBD oil in the morning and then eat a few gummies or take capsules two to three times during the day. 

Keep a Record of the CBD Products you’re Using

The benefits of CBD aren’t so much about immediate effects as it is about cumulative benefits. It can take time to gauge how you respond to CBD and how different products affect you.

Therefore, experts recommend keeping track of what you’re taking, when, and the effects you feel. This will help you determine your ideal dose and which products work best for you and meet your needs.

Always Use High-Quality Products

There is a huge disparity in the quality of CBD products. Always shop from trustworthy and reputable brands, especially when mixing CBD oil with other products.

Reputable companies are transparent and provide information on their CBD extract, so consumers know what they’re getting. 

Final Thoughts on Mixing CBD Oil with Other CBD Products

Not only is it perfectly fine to mix CBD oil with other CBD products, but it can also be very beneficial. For optimal results, CBD should be used consistently over an extended time.

Microdosing allows users to combine different products and take small amounts of CBD throughout the day. 

Using different products adds a little fun and excitement to your CBD routine. Just be sure to use high-quality products from trustworthy brands to optimize the results. 

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