Carnival Row Season2 Insights and updates

After the huge success and popularity, Carnival Row season2 is about to get launched soon. This article will help you know what’s new in this season, and will it be as good as the last season?

The second season will be shown on Amazon Prime as Amazon recently renewed its contract with the makers. 

Release Date of Carnival row season 2

Since the contract has just been renewed, it may take some time for the makers to come up with a release date. But, as per many news reports, the show will most probably get released in June 2021. 

Carnival season 2 cast

Good news for the fans of Carnival Row, as season 2 will also have the same cast as in season 1. Main characters like Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne will come in a reprising role. You will be able to see them in installments in different episodes. In addition to this, the new season can also come up with a showrunner that will change the total storyline of the new season. But, we can only wait until the final confirmation is made. Season 2 won’t have Marc Guggenheim, who was the showrunner for season 1. So, it will be exciting to know who will be the next showrunner for the amazing show. 


As per different news reports and social media experts, the new season will have a storyline focussed around Fae’s fight for liberation against the newly established alliance of Jonah Breakspeare and Sophie Longerbane. In addition to this, we can also see some emotional attachment between main characters, and some form of romantic angles can also be witnessed as per sources. 

Since there are no true insights and information about the new season, we have to certainly wait for the upcoming season of Carnival Row. Since the license with Amazon has been renewed, audiences and fans are excited that the new season will come up soon. Because of the COVID-19, the shooting and filming process has not begun, but it is soon expected to begin. Once the release date and trailer are out by the end of 2020, we will see how this season will perform. 

When different seasons of a particular show come up, audiences start comparing them. But, not all seasons are the same as the characters, storyline, and castings change. When it comes to Carnival Row season 2, all we can do is to wait for this season to come up with a bang, as audiences and fans are waiting eagerly. 

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