What happened to Lil Tay? The rapper’s first Instagram post in 2 years hints at bad news Details discussed

Many people are worried about the safety of a preteen online celebrity who is famous for using foul language and is said to be worth millions of dollars. After being dormant for a while, rapper Lil Tay’s Instagram account flickered back into life in April with the caption, “We have awful news concerning Tay.” What …

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Who is Noemi Zamacona? Van Jones, Family Shares Photos welcome Baby Girl Jones

The well-known CNN journalist Van Jones and his longtime friend Noemi Zamacona have just become parents for the third time. Noemi and Van Jones, who raised their daughter together as “conscious co-parents,” gave their child the best possible upbringing while still being true to themselves as individuals. Van Jones is a married guy, and his …

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Venus Morris Griffin’s abuse allegation gets viral Augusta realtor’s story of her husband’s double life goes viral

Venus Morris Griffin, an award-winning real estate salesperson, is said to have been married to a man named John Evangle Morris III of Augusta, Georgia. Venus Morris is a national author, award-winning real estate agent, and motivational speaker from Augusta, Georgia. She is also a single mother of seven. She spent her life in a …

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