Is it true that TikTok star Icierra died? Online death rumours scare TikTok fans, Details explained

Icierra’s TikTok nickname, Cierra Green, is the most recent person to become the subject of a death rumour circulating on the internet. Internet rumours of celebrity deaths are popular among fandoms. Therefore scams are common. After Icierra’s TikTok account was temporarily disabled for maintenance, widespread speculation on the internet started to develop over the possibility …

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Crocs and General Mills collaborate on a cereal-inspired shoe collection, Details explained

Crocs and General Mills have collaborated on a new “Rise N’ Style” collection to pay tribute to the brands’ respective customers’ favourite breakfast cereals. Each of the four possible pairings in this cooperative initiative honours a different kind of cereal. The collection will consist of cereals such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, and …

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Trisha Paytas criticized for “ableist” remarks on Ethan Klein’s Tourette syndrome, Details explained

Ethan Klein came back to TikTok in a roundabout way after spending some time away from the popular app. He just uploaded a video to TikTok showing himself responding to compilations of Trisha Paytas making fun of his Tourette’s syndrome, but for some strange reason, TikTok deleted the video. Thanks to their YouTube channel, Hila …

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