Woadie2live died, Close buddy Bandman Fari arrested following rapper’s death, Details explained!

The well-known Dallas artist Bandman Fari was taken into custody after being accused of shooting his close buddy and fellow rapper Woadie2Live. According to many individuals on both sides, the scenario was a sham. The revelation of a betrayal inside one’s circle has shocked the fans to their core. Many Twitter users are enraged, conveying …

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Noelle Leyva exposes Austin McBroom and Jason Derulo on Instagram, Details explained!

Are you curious about the current state of the rumours that Austin McBroom has been cheating on his girlfriend? Austin McBroom, the internet’s most well-known star, rose to fame after amassing a sizable following on YouTube. In addition, his family’s YouTube channel has amassed over 18 million subscribers. Austin is well-known as a professional basketball …

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Twitter reveals Hitman Holla controversy video, Video viral on social media

Following its upload on the internet, the video of American rapper Hitman Holla kissing the woman he is romantically involved with, Cinnamon, has received massive attention. Several individuals claiming to be the rapper’s good friends have said that he shared a shocking story on Snapchat. One of his friends decided to film the occurrence on …

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