Celebrities Most Commonly Seen in Las Vegas

You’ve undoubtedly seen at least a handful of Hollywood superstars, sports celebrities, and globally recognized comedians if you’ve ever visited Las Vegas. Many celebrities like gambling, and with an insatiable appetite for the high life and more disposable cash than most people make in a year, many of them enjoy gambling, and Vegas is home to some of the best casinos.

Plus, who can resist the city’s trademark energetic environment? Continue reading to learn about the most famous gamblers you can run into while playing those all-time favourite slots with jackpots in the millions.

Ray Romano

Everybody Loves Raymond’s celebrity appears to be a multi-talented individual. He’s not just a talented actor, but he’s also a decent poker player, having competed in the World Series of Poker many times.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck needs no introduction. He’s also a blackjack and poker player. Affleck featured in the 2013 criminal thriller Runner Runner, in which he was faced against a fake internet gaming enterprise. While the film garnered mixed reviews, Affleck continued to enjoy gambling.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is no newcomer to the City of Lights’ gaming delights. She’s frequently seen in numerous Las Vegas casino locations, where she’ll pass the time between lunch appointments and shopping outings by playing online casino games.

Brad Pitt

Like so many of his colleagues, the Ocean’s franchise piqued Brad’s interest in the joys of casino games like poker and blackjack. Pitt visited several casinos to hone his gaming skills and gain a sense of the ambiance distinctive to these institutions to prepare for his gambling sequences. When he has the opportunity, he continues to partake in a casino table game.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a golfer who is known for enjoying high-stakes games. Tiger Woods, the very skilled golfer and divisive celebrity, is a blackjack lover. With his personal wealth valued at roughly $800 million, his bankroll can be anything he wants.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson of the Dukes of Hazzard fame purchased a room at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas so she wouldn’t have to travel far to enjoy some recreational gaming or the various types of entertainment available at this world-class location.

Matt Damon

When he portrayed a law student, and brilliant poker player in the highly successful movie Rounders in 1998, this five-time Oscar candidate and one-time Academy Award winner gained an enthusiasm for gaming. In preparation for his performance, Damon was tutored by Johnny Chan, a professional in poker. Long after the movie’s filming was over, he continued to play casino table games such as blackjack and, of course, poker.

Michael Jordan

Basketball superstar Michael Jordan, rumour has it, is the only one of our celebs who can’t say no to a bet. He’s been known to wager on the result of anything and everything, in addition to casino gaming at several of the high rolling Vegas casinos.

George Clooney

George Clooney, a Hollywood hottie, has a passion for visiting casinos across the world, to the point that he started the process of purchasing a casino in Las Vegas in 2005. His ambitions never materialized, so this famous high-roller had to make do with visits to other people’s casinos and appearances in casino-themed films.

In Closing

There has never been a lack of superstars who love recreational gambling, from Charlie Sheen to Michael Jordan to Charles Barkley. These aren’t professional gamblers but celebrities who like gambling. They enjoy casinos, and most of them donate their gains to charity, while some utilize the funds to continue gambling. They may be seen enjoying the numerous sorts of entertainment offered by the Las Vegas casinos, just like the rest of us.

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