Charlie Zelenoff his career, personal life, girl friend and net worth

Charlie Zelenoff is one of the most popular boxing practitioners rather than a self-acclaimed unbeatable boxer. He usually practices boxing in the gym, probably going into self-fixed fights with other people. Zelenoff is also known to pay other boxers to come to a fight with him usually.

A little introduction to Charlie Zelenoff:

Charlie Zelenoff was born on 27th July 1988 in Los Angeles. His parents are of Russian origin who moved to the USA. Zelenoff thus holds American citizenship along with Russian origin. He got his education from the Fairfax high school, situated in California. 

Charlie Zelenoff got highly interested in boxing and wanted to pursue a career in it, with the aim of being a professional boxer. His parents provided him with all the support he needed. He is also regarded as Charlie by many people, while he got nicknamed as Z-Money. 

Charlie Zelenoff has a YouTube channel of his own where he posts his challenges. Zelenoff currently has 20,000 subscribers who are well known and very much eager to see him fight against other boxers. He never takes off his mouth from the social media world, rubbish talking against his viewers, comments, opponents, even other boxers. He does this openly on YouTube, Instagram pages and Facebook too. Zelenoff once got down by a 16-year old kid. 

Into the boxing career:

Zelenoff considered himself as an admirer of the professional boxing, choosing to pursue in the career himself. Without any sort of high-grade skills and strategies, he seems to be self-claiming as the greatest boxing champion of all time. In real life, he only has got just a single fight, still of 0-1 score. He kind of claims himself to be one of the best in the field, leading numerous controversies and challenges, physical fights. He even got into some of them with few notable boxers including Crazy Tempo and Deontay Wilder. Zelenoff once got into a fight against Floyd Mayweather, a professional boxer but ended up badly messed and positioned in the whole fight. 

Charlie Zelenoff Personal Life:

Aside from boxing career, Charlie Zelenoff also has a personal life. He is a married and a settled guy who currently shares his life with Daria Zelenoff. He married Daria after dating a couple of years back and got really interested in her. While there is no official or proofed record on how he got to meet her. Charlie Zelenoff keeps his personal life pretty much secret from the social media and does not share that much of it to the online world, nor in his YouTube channel. He even hardly speaks about his private life at all. Nor does he have any other record of past relationships, dating mentions or affairs with any other women. 

Charlie Zelenoff and his wife, Daria Zelenoff currently live in California. 

Daria Zelenoff provides full-on support to Charlie in his boxing career which also seems to be his ultimate strength. She helps keep his aim on the career of becoming a professional boxer in the field of boxing. While on the journey, Daria is proud of her husband’s career and seems to take full interest and celebrates his wins altogether. They make sure their wins get the right moment to perish and not waste it in some other thing. 

Charlie Zelenoff net worth: 

On the finance side, Charlie Zelenoff has his own YouTube channel which also provides him a side income, which seems pretty good. With over 20,000 subscribers and gladly, millions of views in his videos, demonstrating only challenges and other self-fixed gym fights. Most of the websites estimate Charlie Zelenoff’s worth to be around $150,000 to $200,000. He currently does not have any vehicle of his own, neither a big luxurious home to enjoy with. He claims to be on the increase of net worth, in the path of him becoming a professional boxer in the future. 

Charlie Zelenoff girlfriend: 

Charlie Zelenoff had his wife, Daria Zelenoff as his girlfriend for a couple of years, when he started dating her. She is currently Zelenoff’s wife as the two got engaged and married with the knot tied well. Charlie Zelenoff currently does not have any other girlfriends. Nor in any other kind of relationships or affairs with other women. 

Is Charlie Zelenoff alive or dead ?

In past you must have seen some news about his dead but that was a false news. He is still alive and you can check his social media accounts for the recent updates

Charlie Zelenoff boxing records

He is one of the best boxer of all time and has record of unbeaten at 240. His current record is 240-0 and he still counting to go for more. But no one believe on his records however he is planning for wining boxing titles.

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