Check Out These Great and Fun Ideas for a Virtual Birthday Party

In our modern, digital world, we now rely on virtual connections more than ever. Over the past year, the number of online events has increased by a whopping 1,000 percent!

But video communication software options like Zoom and Skype aren’t just for conference calls and business meetings anymore. With a little imagination, you can throw a great virtual birthday party too. 

Not sure where to start? Keep reading for some awesome party ideas to ensure that this year’s celebrations are the best yet!

Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms have been among the top party ideas and events for a few years now. But have you ever considered the possibility of a virtual escape room? 

At Breakout escape room Gatlinburg, you and your friends – no matter how far apart you all live – can team up to help the gamemaster out of the IRL escape room they’re trapped in. Work as one to solve clues and beat the game before the time is up!

Trust us, after a few minutes of working together, you’ll forget that you’re all miles apart. 

Drinking Games 

While it’s a bit difficult to enjoy a game of Twister during an online event, classic drinking games are an easy way to inject some fun into a virtual party. 

All you need to do is ensure everyone is prepared with a drink or two at the ready and you can launch into a group game of 21, Never Have I Ever, or Truth or Dare. 

If you or your friends get stuck for inspiration, there are plenty of websites with suggestions and ideas. There are even apps for games like King’s Cup to make it easier to play them as a virtual group. 

Themed Movie Night

Music is often the main entertainment when you throw a party in the real world. In the virtual world, however, music doesn’t really work so well. 

Instead, you can rely on Netflix Party to entertain you and your friends with a selection of great movies. The live version allows you to watch along together so you’ll all get to the good parts at the same time. There’s even a group chat option for you to weigh in with your own comments and insights. 

If you want to go all out, organize a party with a movie theme and invite all your guests to dress up (white party dresses) as their favorite movie characters. But, our advice is to pick out some movies as a group long before the party starts. You don’t want to waste your virtual celebrations arguing over which movie to watch. 

Wine Tasting

If you’re looking to organize a party with a more grown-up theme, how about incorporating a wine tasting event into your birthday celebrations?

The group’s wine enthusiasts will be more than happy to recommend some quality bottles for you all to stock up on before the virtual event. Everyone’s taste buds can then enjoy a virtual trip through the vineyards of Bordeaux, La Rioja, and Mendoza as you sip on the good stuff and get tipsy together. 

Whether you want a more sophisticated soiree or an excuse to be silly together, we can guarantee that throwing in a few of these sommelier terms can make things a lot more interesting.  

Professional Session

Add a little pizzazz to your online event with the help of a professional as they show you their skills and teach you something new. 

For girls-only get-togethers, a makeup artist could demonstrate how to master the art of contouring or winged eyeliner. Or maybe you and your friends would love to be part of a virtual cocktail workshop. Not only will you all learn the secrets to crafting the perfect cosmopolitan, but you’ll all get to have a hand in preparing the party refreshments too! 

Other options include everything from tarot card readings to breakdancing lessons. Or, if you can’t find the perfect fit, try reaching out to your favorite salons, influencers, organizers, and more to see if they’re available for virtual lessons. 

Virtual Comedy Night

Gather your friends together for an online party full of laughs with a virtual connection to a comedy show. Various online options include comedy acts such as comedic magicians, musical comedians, roast-masters, and classic stand-up shows.

Sure, you might consider that you could all sync up and watch a pre-recorded stand-up performance. But nothing beats the live interactions between a comedian and their audience – even if it is over Zoom!

Cook-a-Long Class

For those of you with a passion for cooking, a virtual event with a cook-a-long element is a great way to get everyone involved in making some party food. Plus, since all your guests will be connecting from home, you’ll all be able to cook in the comfort of your own kitchens. 

The type of food you make is up to you, as is the choice of instructor. If you’re a culinary whizz yourself, you might even want to teach your friends how to make one of your best recipes. Or, there are lots of online packages with experienced chefs showing you how to make everything from fresh pasta to a selection of Spanish-style tapas. 

But, one crucial thing to bear in mind is that all your guests will need to know what ingredients and tools they’ll need ahead of time. 

Get Inspired By These Awesome Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you’re able to celebrate your birthday with a real-life party or not, throwing a virtual birthday party is the perfect way to connect with friends scattered around the globe. 

And, with these great party ideas to inspire you, you can be sure that your birthday party will be the online event of the year!

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