Colleen Camp measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe and bra size

Colleen Camp, who is known initially as Colleen Celeste camp, was originally born on June 7, 1953, is a famous actress. She was born to Wilson and Dorothy camo, who were basically her biological parents. She has two brothers named Don and Glen. She was raised in San Francisco, California but moved to San Fernando Valley at a young age. The reason behind this movement is still unknown.

If we discuss the schooling and education of Camp, she attended John H. Francis Polytechnic High School, Los Angeles Valley College. She went to the California State University of Northridge to pursue higher education, where she majored in English and minored in Theater Arts. Overall it is cleared that she had a very average childhood time and had given her best in her studies. But resources confirmed that she has trained macaws on the weekends, weeknights for earning money to pay her college fees.

How did Colleen Camp get famous?

Colleen got famous when her talent was noticed by the talent agent for her Busch Garden. She featured her for her birds and was also hired for the national television commercials for Gallon wines and some other commercials. She started receiving job offers for minor roles in various series and movies. She performed very well in these shows and worked in some long television series because her talent caught the attention of a vast audience.

You will be surprised to know that her success period begins just after her fantastic acting in televisions shows and dramas. She worked in various early roles in popular films like Funny last with Barbra Steisand and James Caan. Her casting in Game of Death as Bruce Lee’s girlfriend was a significant success of her career, earning colossal fame. After this, she got cast for a couple of excellent roles where her performance was really very fascinating. Colleen Camp become the first-ever actress to play the role of Kristin Shepard, a sister of Linda Gray’s character. The major success credit of her professional goes to her contribution in comedy line as she was able to impress everyone through it.

Colleen Camp height and weight 

If we talk about the height of Colleen camp, it is measured at 5 foot 3 inches. And she weighs around 59kg which is really a perfect weight according to her height. She has mentioned that not only because of movies, she often loves to maintain her body weight because she desires to stay fit and healthy. We can say that it is the only reason she fits in any type of role that is assigned to her and gives her potential best because of her confidence. It is not easy for everyone to provide enough time for their body and managing the other schedules at the same time.

Colleen Camp Dating history

Camp started dating Dean tavoularis in 1970. They first met each other during the shoots of Apocalypse Now. There are no details about when they break up and how long their relationship went. In 1996, she decided to tie a knot to John Goldwynback. They both give birth to one daughter after few years of getting married. Due to some personal issues, which are still known, they bother divorced in 2001. From that time, Camp has always tried to keep her dating life fully private from the audience.

Real full name: Colleen Camp

Date of Birth: June 7, 1953

Age:67 years

Nationality: American

Horoscope: Gemini

Religion: Unknown

Profession: Actress

Spouse: John Goldwyn

Children: Unknown

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Colleen Camp Body measurement

The body size of Colleen Camp is measured at 38-25-36 inches which perfectly suits her height and weight. The appealing bust size of 38 inches with a perfect 25 inches waist makes her an ideal diva who is naturally gifted with such a stunning figure. If you notice her from her beautiful eyes to the toes, you will end up getting obsessed with this talented and beautiful personality who has won millions of hearts all over the world.

Colleen Camp bra and breast size

The bra size of Colleen Camp is estimated at 34D, and her bra cup size is D. If we talk about her breast size, it is 38 inches which indicate that she has perfectly maintained her body with an alluring appearance. Even after a hectic engagement, she has made it possible for herself to have complete focus on keeping her body in the toned shape. She even revealed in an interview that without this perfect body, she couldn’t even imagine such a massive success in her life.

Height: 5ft 4inches

Weight: 59 kg or 130 lbs

Breast size: 38 inches

Bra size: 34D

Cup size: D

Chest size:38 inches

Waist size: 25 inches

Shoe size: unknown

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Blonde

Natural Breast or implant: natural

Has Colleen Camp gone under the knife?

Colleen Camp had never gone through the knife till the present time because she is proud of the look and body that has been gifted to her naturally. If you have ever heard any kind of controversy regarding her and plastic surgery, then you should simply avoid them. Many of the people claimed that they underwent surgery for reducing wrinkles on the face, but you will notice her with full attention, then you will see an absolute truth. She actually believed that a good diet and regular exercise routine can prevent her from ageing, which is the reason she always avoids any age slowing medications. There has not been an increase in the size of her Breast, which is also clarity about her being away from any surgery.

Net worth

Camp has really given her 100% in any of the roles that were assigned to her. This is what had made her capable of reaching high heights of success within a very less time period. She uses to make a good income from every project due to her passion and amazing talent in the field of acting. The estimated net worth of Camp is $ 5 million, and she is highly satisfied by her hard work and its outcomes.


Food: unknown

Hobby: travelling

Colour: unknown

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