Colored Solar Panels? What Are My Options?

It is estimated that 4% of homes in the US are powered by solar energy. This number is set to triple by 2030. As more residential homes go solar, did you know that technology can now provide more choices than black and blue colors?

As solar technology evolves, colored panels are becoming a viable solution. Read on as we give you everything you need to know about colored solar panels. 

Do Solar Panels Come In Different Colors?

Solar panels do come in a wide variety of colors. However, it is not as simple as just selecting the one you want. They are several factors you need to consider before ordering. 

Colored solar panels are usually made by smaller, bespoke manufacturers. This makes them expensive. Panels of this nature will also generate less power than standard black panels and dark blue ones. 

Coloration is added using dyes and coatings. Many solar energy installers may refuse to install them. This means you need to find both a supplier and someone to fit them or you. 

Why Are Most Panels Black and Blue?

Solar panels are black or blue due to their manufacturing process. There are two main types of panels and each has its own coloration. 

Monocrystalline panels come from single-crystal solar cells. They are very efficient as black naturally absorbs light. Adding color will reduce this. 

Polycrystalline panels are the ones with a blue tint. Each cell has several silicon crystals within. When sunlight hits them they reflect as a dark blue. 

These panels were previously cheaper than monocrystalline ones, though it is no longer the case. As they are less efficient, it often makes more sense to buy the other type. 

What Colors Are Available?

The main advantage of colored solar is its ability for great design. As more cities and living spaces move towards sustainable energy sources, it is unlikely we want our cities to be clad in black and blue panels. Colored solar allows us to retain an aesthetic appeal while harnessing solar energy.

There is a varied range of solar colors available. Earthy tones like greys and browns are available for natural-looking buildings. Gold and copper can conjure up a period feel, while blues and terracotta can create calming oceanside properties. 

Where Do You Get Colored Solar Panels?

Colored solar panels are hard to source. As they are made in smaller amounts you may have to do a lot of research. If you can find a top solar installer they may know companies who can provide them for you.

It is worth noting that solar panels using dyes and coatings do not weather as well as others. Over the lifespan of the panel, they may fade and lose vibrancy. Many installers may not offer a guarantee because of this. 

Choosing Colored Solar Panels

Colored solar panels are primarily for those who want to keep the aesthetic of their property. Set a budget then find an installer who can advise you on them. Technology is always improving so they may be able to recommend the most energy-efficient ones. 

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From energy efficiency to property maintenance, we can help manage your home in the coming years. 

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