Courtney Tailor stabbed Christian Toby Obumseli to death, Toby Obumseli’s racist tweets resurface after his death, Details explored!

Courtney Tailor, an Instagram model, was sentenced to life in prison and placed in a mental health hospital after she was found guilty of the murder of her boyfriend, Christian Toby Obumseli. The authorities believed there had been a dispute among family members. The passing of the individual who was 27 years old has had an impact beyond only the people closest to him or her; the internet seems to be truly worried about what took place.

After his death, Christian Toby Obumseli’s racist comments gained new attention

Since Obumseli’s death, many of his internet tweets that attacked Black women have reappeared. Oomf: black chicks know how to shake me, but they’re not my type. Another tweet of his read: “Once again I’m weary of these black chicks in my government class.” Another of his tweets was about how black women shame themselves on television. Christian Toby Obumseli tweeted a variety of other things, including his desire for biracial offspring and his belief that only “yellow bone females” can rock nose rings. Christian Toby Obumseli gushed about his preference for white females, saying, “White women can cook! And that Caucasian lady wearing yoga/ tights.” Upon the tweets’ rediscovery, many people resorted to their social media accounts to assert that Black women had no right to demand justice for his murder.

The family of Christian Toby Obumseli starts a GoFundMe page

After the passing of Jeffrey Obumseli’s brother Christian Toby Obumseli, the latter set up a memorial fund for the former. The relative said his family was horrified and startled, and wounded. The fundraising copy said, “Christian was highly caring with a desire to constantly elevate people around him.” He did not deserve to have his life cut short in such a horrific way. His cheerful disposition and contagious grin will always be remembered. The funds raised through the GoFundMe campaign will cover final expenses such as burial costs, legal representation, therapy, and bills. The target goal for the campaign is $100,000. As of the writing of this article, $67,000 has been raised in fundraising. Alex Yoseph gave $2,000, the most money anybody has given thus far.

More information regarding Christian’s death and Courtney’s arrest

Sunday evening at 5 o’clock, according to police reports, Courtney Tailor called. The couple’s home was a high-end unit in a Miami, Florida, high-rise. They discovered that Obumseli had been stabbed in the shoulder. His injuries proved fatal, and he was sent to the hospital. The cops “Baker Acted” the 25-year-old model after she made suicide threats while held in custody. As a result, doctors and courts may now commit patients to psychiatric hospitals for up to three days. If they see signs of aggression or suicide ideation, they have the right to do so. It’s still unknown whether the influential person has been freed from the psychiatric hospital. Tailor was not arrested or charged with any crime related to the murder of her lover.

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