Dani Coco quit ‘Ex on the Beach because… She ‘deserved better,’ say fans

Dani Coco’s feelings went up and down during Season 5 of “Ex on the Beach.” Dani got on the show hoping to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, David Barta. But right from the start, Dani had to compete with other people for her love and attention.

Then came the passionate kiss

Even though David was attracted to Mike Mulderrig initially, and they had a passionate kiss, their relationship didn’t last long once Dani returned to his life. Kyra Green, a star of the reality show “Love Island,” showed up just as Dani was starting to think that she and David might finally be able to make their relationship work. David fell in love with Kyra immediately, leaving Dani for her.

This hurt Dani and made her mad. Even though David said he was going to make things right with Kyra, he couldn’t help but be attracted to her. Dani thought David would come back, so she kept waiting for him. On their date, when Dani saw David kiss Kyra, she was furious because it was clear that he liked Kyra. She said she was leaving the MTV show because she didn’t want to play second fiddle and because David should treat her better.

How did Danny get out of there, anyway?

Dani left the house without even telling David or anyone else goodbye. Later, when David and Kyra found out that Dani had left the show alone, Kyra was heartbroken, but David didn’t seem to care. When people saw how David acted when his ex-girlfriend left, they began to criticise him and say that Dani deserved more.

A devoted follower wrote, “Queen Dani doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her, though, because she is strong and can take care of herself. Period. #ExOnTheBeach.” “I’m happy for Dani because she didn’t lose her temper, learned everything she needed to know, and agreed that she deserved more. Wow, that’s a great change, great job! Dani will miss you very much if you leave the beach.” A supporter wrote the following sentence. The one who helps “It’s okay, Dani. You deserve better. For Dani, this show has been torture for the last few episodes. They were putting David and Kyra right in front of her! Dani, don’t give up because better times are coming. #dontgotothebeach, “I’m excited,” said another fan.

The episode ended with this scene

At the end of the episode, Emily Salch, Kyra’s ex-girlfriend, washed up on the beach. After seeing how badly he treated Dani, fans began to hope that karma would make Kyra leave him for Emily. One supporter said, “I’m glad Emily is coming so David can get a taste of his medicine #exonthebeach.” One user said, “It would be interesting if Kyra’s ex came and she didn’t want anything to do with David #exonthebeach.” “Kyra is telling him the same things that David has been telling Dani.

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