David Dobrik’s kissing prank in 2017 was the final straw that broke the camel’s back for the popular YouTuber

David Dobrik, a Slovakian YouTube star, has been in many scandals lately. The most recent one started with a kissing prank he did in 2017 that got a lot of negative feedback from people all over the internet. When Seth Francois wrote an article in which he said bad things about David Dobrik, things quickly got worse. He said that the YouTuber tricked him into kissing Steve Nash, who was 47 then, against his will and without his permission in 2017.

After this, Nik “BigNik” Keswani, a former member of the Vlog Squad, said that David Dobrik used him like a “punching bag.” BigNik said he was sad because he was in David Dobrik’s videos.

Lastly, Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli tweeted that she had “her own story” about David Dobrik and Jason Nash, who works with him on the VIEWS podcast. Bregoli meant Dobrik and Nash when he said this. She said that the YouTubers owed her money, which made Ethan Klein respond to what she said.

He played a joke on the girl he liked that could cost him his job

David Dobrik has been accused of sexual assault by more than one person. However, Seth Francois was the first well-known person to bring up the charges against Dobrik publicly. Both Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas have said in the past that many young women under the age of 18 have reached out to them. The teenage girls said that Dobrik and his friends from the Vlog Squad had sexually abused them.

After that, Seth Francois talked about his accusations on the H3H3 podcast. He said he and online star Corinna Kopf were in the “makeout scene.” After that, David Dobrik and another member of the Vlog Squad named Scotty Sire put out another video in which they said Seth had permitted them to pull the hoax on him. The couple showed proof in the form of text messages that Seth Francois was spreading lies about David Dobrik, which they said Francois was doing.

His confession to his brother

He tells his brother, “Hey bro, I was thinking about it, and I’m down for another kissing drawing.” “LOL, what do you mean?” I asked. He returns with, “I don’t care what it is as long as you beat me up, haha. Not because I’m gay, but because I don’t care.”

Scotty Sire then scolded Seth for the charges, and he told Ethan Klein that he shouldn’t believe them at face value and should look into them first.

Seth, what you’re doing is bad. The lies you tell hurt other people. You talked to David privately a few years ago and told him that you didn’t like the video. So, David took the clip down from his website. There’s a chance that David Dobrik and Scotty Sire have talked about what Scotty Sire has said. Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein have also talked about other young women who have said that the Vlog Squad members are guilty of “sexual abuse.” People on the internet are working hard to get rid of him because of this.

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