Debra Dunning measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe and bra size

Debra Dunning is the famous American actress who was born on July 11, 1966, in Burbank, California. She was born to Bob and Diane Dunning, whose professionals are still unknown. Even she has not yet mentioned anything about her siblings. Dunning has a very ordinary childhood time with fun and enjoyment. She belonged to the pure middle-class family who had a charming living style. She liked to watch the cheerleaders from the young age. This is the only reason she joined as a cheerleader in her school days.

If we talk about her early education, Dunning has attended Burroughs high school. The coincidence is that her parents had also graduated from the same school. There is no kind of information on whether she has pursued higher education or not.

How did Debra Dunning get famous?

Dunning started her professional career as a model in the entertainment industry. She was offered a deal to sign up with Judith Fontaine Modelling and Talent Agency in Los Angeles. Everyone was amazed by her presence and skills because she was just a teenager during that time. She started getting a great response in the form of offers after signing up with the agency. The reports indicated that she worked as a model for various global brands that included Miller Beer advertisements. Her first successful advertisement, which earned her lots of attention, was for Foot Locker. Later on, she was featured in the couple of different promotions, such as Ford motors. The prominent popularity of the commercial was gained when she acted as Louise for the Taco Bell commercials.

Before trying her luck in Hollywood, she was completely unaware of how to perform in this industry, But everything went in the acceptable manner as she had completed an endless number of events in Bikini and as beauty Peasants. You will be amazed to know that Dunning was also crowned with Miss Burbank in 1993, which opened her direct path to Hollywood.  She started receiving offers and finally made her debut in the comedy film titled ‘Dangerous Curver’ in 1988.

The actress performed very amazingly, and it resulted in the attraction of a massive number of fans. Later, she also performed a minor role in TV series entitled Married with Children. She was also auditioning for the new sports car company’s commercial at the local car show. If you have watched popular television series named Home improvement, then you would surely be impressed by her role in it. The fantastic performance made her capable of winning various awards, and she really deserves them all.

Debra Dunning height and weight

Debra Dunning is not only popular acting as she has also earned good fame because of her gorgeous body and overall appearance. The height of Debra Dunning is measured at 5 feet 8 inches which is perfect according to her fundamental characteristics. If we talk about the weight of Dunning, it is measured at 63 kg or 138 lbs which also suits her body. She mentioned that the key reason behind her perfect body is her regular workouts sessions as she does not miss even a single of them. This is because she also credits her fantastic body for the success that she has gone through in her life.

Debra Dunning dating history

Dunning was in a long-time relationship with the American Volleyball player, Steve Timmons. The couple finally got married in 1997 and gave birth to three children. Their first child was born before marriage in 1996 and other in 2000 and 2008, respectively. Due to some personal disputes that are not in the knowledge, they both got separated in 2018. After that, there is no information whether Dunning is engaged or she is living a life of singles.

Full name- Debbe Dunning

Date of birth– July 11, 1996

Occupation– Actress

Nationality- American

Religion– Unknown

Birthplace– Burbank

Horoscope– Cancer

Spouse-Steve Timmons

Children – Three

Siblings– Unknown

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Debra Dunning Body measurement

Debra Dunning has admired everyone for her impressive body structure as her body measurement is 37-25-36 inches. Her bust size is 37 inches, and her waist is measured at 25 inches. It is clear that she has a very slim-fit figure, which adds a fantastic look to her overall beauty.  Her fascinating roles in the different films and series and interest in modeling have sustained her on the path of staying fit. Her strenuous efforts are proof of her adorable body and overall look.

Debra Dunning Bra and breast

Debra dunning does not look less than a princess, which is all because of her gorgeous personality. She used to wear a bra of size 36C, and her bra cup size is C. her breast size is 37 inches. Everyone who has gone through these measurements has got a clear hint that she is a perfect, fit and charismatic personality. Her personality has something very unique, which adds grace to any of the award functions which is attended by her. There is a 100% guarantee that your attention will be locked at her even after seeing her for once.

Height- 5 feet 8 inches

Weight– 63 kg

Bra Size– 36C

Cup Size– C

Breast size– 37 inches

Waist size– 25 inches

Body measurement– 37-25-36 inches

Figure– Hourglass

Shoe size- 8.5

Hair color– Dark brown

Eye color– Green

Natural breast or implant– natural

Has Debra Dunning gone under the knife?

It is undoubted that Hollywood does have any other beautiful actress than Debra Dunning at present. This is why some of the people have claimed that she has undoubtedly gone under the knife. One cannot be so beautiful naturally. For debating against this statement, Dunning commented that she had not even thought of undergoing any plastic surgery. She owns everything that God has gifted her naturally. She is delighted with her body as she knows that she is really very beautiful.

Net worth

The net worth of Debra Dunning is estimated at $ 4 million, which she has all earned through her modeling and hosting skills. She is proud of everything that she has achieved in her life, and she enjoys her life to the fullest.

Debra Dunning favorites

Food– Unknown

hobby– Unknown

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