Debunking the viral trial video of Johnny Depp: Did Jason Momoa testify? Details explored!

As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial proceeds, a hoax video of actor Jason Momoa testifying in court has gone popular online. The hoax was edited so well that internet users believed he appeared in court. Unlike the courts of the United Kingdom, the American justice system permits the use of video cameras. Since then, several parody versions of the trial have appeared on YouTube and other platforms. The one with Jason Momoa is one example.

This 2018 video featured the 42-year-old actor Amber Heard. He will also appear with the actress in the next sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Momoa is not testifying in the trial. One internet user, though, speculated on what his video testimony may look like. This film, uploaded to YouTube by user GeoMFilms, has gone viral, with over a million views across all platforms. Johnny Depp demands $50 million in damages from his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, over an opinion post she published in 2018. Simultaneously, she claimed that she had been a victim of domestic abuse. The case has gone viral on the web. Online, the legal struggle has been the subject of several memes and parody films.

What exactly did the spoof video featuring Jason Momoa consist of?

The two-minute and fifteen-second clips were edited to give the impression that the actor was participating in the trial via video conference. In the video, Heard’s lawyer scolds Momoa for greeting his client during the trial. After that, the actor who plays Aquaman continued to make several jokes. Momoa responds sarcastically when asked whether he and Heard worked as actors together, saying instead, “No, as janitors.” He calls Heard “Amber Turd” in the viral video.

You can see Johnny Depp, his attorneys, and everyone else in the courtroom laughing hysterically at Momoa’s comments on the trial footage. As of the 20th of May, Jason Momoa had not testified in the defamation trial that was still proceeding. Elon Musk and James Franco were included on Heard’s list of witnesses. Musk, though, said emphatically that he would not be testifying. The same can’t be said about Franco, who hasn’t shown up as a witness either.

A breakdown of the fake Jason Momoa testimony video

The video has been posted by several accounts across various social media platforms; nevertheless, the video’s original source cannot be determined as of when this article was written. This footage was produced to give the impression that Heard’s counsel reprimanded Momoa for meeting his client while the case was being heard in court. After that, the guy who plays Aquaman made a series of jokes, including referring to Heard as “Amber Turd.” However, as we can all probably deduce at this point, the sworn declaration that Jason Momoa gave was entirely made up. This segment of Momoa’s conversation with Ellen DeGeneres from the year 2020 may be seen in this clip. The footage was then re-recorded with the fake conversation by the person who created the material.

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