Deciding on Whether To Buy an iPhone 12 Pro or Wait

You’re probably interested in upgrading to the new iPhone 12 Pro like most people, especially since it has some of the latest smartphone technology and features that many are looking for in a new one. It’s also one of the latest designs in this product line, making it an exciting release. Normally, this occurs every 2-3 years.

However, what features are available that make this smartphone worth upgrading to?

iPhone 12 Pro Features

5G Internet Speeds

The upgrade from 4G to 5G is probably one of the biggest upgrades in this technology piece. It’s like if you took fiber optics internet technology and put it in your pocket. Currently, that’s around 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps for most users, with some even getting speeds close to 2,000 Mbps on this particular device. Eventually, it’ll get up to a massive 10,000 Mbps.

Brand New Design

Now is the time for Apple to revamp their smartphone lineup and develop something that looks and feels different. It shows where the company is going in terms of their products’ overall look, and it looks quite similar to the latest iPad Pro and Air. It’s a sleeker look compared to the previous models and is reminiscent of the older 5 series.

MagSafe Accessories

Apple originally used this technology on their notebooks, providing a safe and effective way to charge them. While the charging feature remains with this latest version, it also comes with options for magnetic accessories. Currently, that mostly consists of wallets and charging components. Third-party vendors can create additional functionality depending on how well they support this new type of addon.

Pro Max Screen Size

Besides the brand new design, the new Pro Max model has a slightly bigger screen. Previously, the Max model was at 6.5-inches. Now, it’s at 6.7-inches. It’s great for productivity, gaming, video editing, and of course, watching movies. If you regularly use your phone more than a tablet or notebook, definitely consider this model. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a screen size of 6.9-inches.

The Upcoming iPhone

Although it’s not clear whether this model will be the 12S Pro or 13 Pro, it’s an interesting release. It’ll retain the same design as the current model and could even come with a 120Hz ProMotion display, currently only available on the iPad Pro. However, it’s not clear how quickly developers will take advantage of this new display. Of course, it’ll also come with improvements in the processor, camera, and battery life.

If you need or want a new phone now and are satisfied with the latest model, don’t hesitate to upgrade. Now is the best time to buy the latest iPhone since all of the hardware issues seem to have been fixed by Apple in this newest design. These things are always updating and coming out with new features. Waiting makes for an endless cycle with each new upgrade.

In Conclusion

The latest iPhone 12 Pro smartphones offer a great buy for consumers looking for the most advanced models available. It’s a big leap in terms of design and features, making it one of the best times to upgrade. This isn’t just an incremental upgrade like the ones from most years. Even if you have the recent iPhone 11 Pro, consider upgrading to this latest version.

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