Deji versus Alex Wassabi: The internet mocks KSI’s brother with various hilarious memes, Details explored!

Deji and Alex Wassabi, two of the most popular content creators on YouTube, squared up against one another for the third time on March 5, 2022. The fight occurred in the SSE Arena in Wembley, located in London. After the fight, Deji, who had previously said that he would step down from his position in the case of a third loss to the American YouTuber, became the subject of cruel derision on various social media platforms. Wassabi came out on top in a fight that went five rounds and ended with a contentious decision.

Deji has no plans to end his fighting career

This YouTuber has collected more than 10.6 million subscribers and is known online as “KSI’s younger brother.” His real name is “Oladeji Daniel Olatunji,” and he was born in Nigeria. Alexander “Alex” Burriss, also known as Alex Wassabi, competed against him on two separate occasions, and on both occasions, Burriss was heralded as the winner.

Fans had high hopes that Deji’s most recent outbreak would be his opportunity to redeem himself, but after a third consecutive loss, he threatened to retire from fighting instead. Both boxers spent the first three rounds trying to avoid being hit by the other, which made the action slow and tedious to watch. The fight had to be stopped when a spectator ran into the ring during the second round. He tried to catch people’s attention by doing the trick, but the security guards threw him out of the ring.

In the last seconds of the bout, both boxers traded a barrage of blows designed to knock out their opponent, but neither successfully ended the bout. Wassabi, on the other hand, emerged winner once the ballots were counted and tabulated. After the bout, Daniel surveyed his fans to find out whether or not they wanted him to hang up his gloves or return for a rematch. As the crowd in London cheered for the YouTuber, they locked hands and prepared for the next fight.

Internet trolls YouTuber nonstop

After the fight, trolls on the internet wasted no time insulting KSI’s brother and making fun of him for coming in second place. Below, you’ll find a collection of answers that were posted on Twitter. YouTube personalities such as KSI and Logan Paul are largely responsible for the growth in popularity of “white collar” boxing. The two faced each other to a draw in their first meeting of 2018, which took place in 2018.

A rematch between the two occurred later in 2019 when KSI emerged triumphantly from their encounter. Since then, the two YouTube stars have collaborated to provide a novel energy drink to the consumer market. KSI did more than simply cheer from the sidelines and help his younger brother practise for the fight. He also helped his sister with her training. There is a widespread opinion among his fans that he is pleased with his brother or sister’s progress and that he would provide a helping hand to his sibling in the next contest.

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