Dental Technology: What Are the Latest Innovations in the World of Dentistry?

About one in five Americans experience moderate to high dental anxiety. This anxiety stems from fear of the unknown and past dental trauma. 

Many new advancements in dental technology have made the dental process more comfortable. This is because these technologies make procedures less painful and invasive.

To help you learn more, these are all the latest inventions in dentistry. 


Artificial intelligence, like robots, is beginning to take shape in dentistry. Robotics are used in several different surgeries to help dentists’ knowledge and insight. 

Robots will never replace physicians, but they can make their job easier with improved surgical results with less human error. 

In conjunction with Dental 3D scanners, they help dentists with accuracy, precision, and workflows. 

But, because the technology is so new, it will take time before this becomes mainstream. 

Teeth Whitening With LED Light 

By using LED light, dentists have made huge breakthroughs in teeth whitening. Before this technology, patients would undergo painful and inaccurate procedures. This included laser and sometimes hydrogen peroxide. 

Breakthroughs in teeth whitening now allow patients to whiten their teeth either professionally or even over the counter. It’s painless and non-invasive with very successful results. 

Virtual Reality 

Because dental anxiety is high, virtual reality can be a big help in reducing dental anxiety. 

An individual puts on a headset and transports into a virtual world. In dentistry, this would allow patients to mentally leave the dental office and go to a place of their choosing. 

Because virtual reality feels real, it can reduce anxiety and fear surrounding procedures. This occurs by tricking patients into thinking they’re somewhere else. 

Dentists also use virtual reality to stream operations and teach dental students without being in the same room. 


Dentists are also beginning to use telehealth technology to provide teledentistry to patients. Teledentistry makes it easier for patients with dental anxiety to go to appointments by staying in the comfort of their homes.

Teledentistry also allows those living in remote locations to have virtual visits with their dentists. This is a huge convenience to these patients as they can schedule appointments often. It’s also a huge breakthrough for those in nursing homes and provides a more affordable option for dental visits. 

Now You Know the Latest Dental Technology Available Today 

These are some of the best examples of dental technology available on the market today. These advancements are critical because they make procedures more accurate and less invasive. 

Virtual reality and telehealth technology can make a big difference for patients with dental anxiety and trauma. While robotics, dental imaging, and LED lighting improve accuracy and lower invasiveness. 

Plus, scientists are predicting that this is only the beginning!

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