Destery Smith’s Fans Accuse Him of Grooming and Pedophilia, Destery Smith responds to allegations, details discussed

Popular YouTuber Destery Smith has given his response to the charges that have been brought against him. The YouTube celebrity, who is 30 years old, has come under criticism for reportedly sharing sexually explicit images of himself with female followers without first obtaining their consent. Some of the victims stated that Destery made sexual advances toward them while they were just 12 years old. Others of the victims said that Destery did not do this. After taking his Twitter account private and ignoring the claims for several months, Smith has responded to the charges with a statement.

Destery Smith addresses the charges of grooming

Destery Smith responded to the latest charges that have been made against him by posting a video to his channel titled “My Thoughts.” While he avoided calling out his accusers by name, he did admit that he had hidden certain unpleasant aspects of his background. The YouTuber didn’t pull any punches while describing his former self, but he isn’t the same guy now. Here’s what he had to say: “I am aware of charges being made against me.” I don’t agree with everything stated about me, but I’m also not guilty.

I am willing to concede that I have been an awful person in the past. I’ve always been open about the fact that I’m a huge douche. I have never made any effort to conceal this fact. Smith said that he was dishonest and a liar. He gave himself a nickname and confessed to dating many women at once. He went on to say that he was a bad friend to the people close to him. Smith also said that he had progressed and shed his destructive traits since he first debuted. Smith added that he had blocked comments to avoid further negative feedback on the film, so those eager to voice their thoughts on it could not do so now. Twitter seemed to be the only place where people could respond to his comments. 

Allegations on Twitter against Destery Smith

In a subsequent Tweet on February 17th, another Twitter user named Kimberly revealed what seems to be an old blog entry written by Smith when he was 19 and in which he revealed that his then-girlfriend was 15 years old. According to what was said in the ad, her age is 15, whereas mine is 19. To have feelings for someone does not need to be restricted by time. Streamer Damon Fizzy has released a screenshot he claims is from Smith’s reply to a fan, although Destery has not commented officially on the claims. The text in the image reads, “I know that despite making some DUMB ass decisions in my life that thankfully, like any human, I’ve learnt from,” suggesting that the speaker has never slept with someone under the age of 18. After the claims surfaced, Smith turned his Twitter account private and has said nothing more in public. 

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