Details about MSCHF Boosted Packs and where to buy them? Garbage Pail Influencers troll David Dobrik, James Charles, and more

Mschf’s “Garbage Pail” Boosted Packs started acquiring a committed following about the same time as it appeared the internet had finally gotten the knack of wiping away bothersome influencers. This deck has a variety of controversial individuals, like Trisha Paytas, Jake Paul, James Charles, and David Dobrik, to name just a few. After being shared on the official Reddit page for the H3H3 podcast, the “Garbage Pail” pack quickly gained a significant following. A picture of the Boosted Pack, along with a description of it, was uploaded to Reddit and shared by the user u/Exotic-Rain-1876. 11 hours after the article went online, the essay was written; unfortunately, all of the newly available Garbage Pail Boosted Packs had already been bought. According to the information provided on the website, everyone interested in obtaining the third printing of the cards has the opportunity to do so by uploading their phone number to the website.

Where to get “Garbage Pail” boosted packs?

The “Garbage Pail” Boosted Pack is available here from Mschf. According to the discussion on Reddit, the package costs twenty dollars, and the price is said to increase as new versions are released often. The “Garbage Pail” Boosted Pack includes a card formerly owned by Trisha Paytas, a cast member on the H3 Podcast Frenemies. They are shown crying in a trash can with the words “F**ck H3H3” scrawled. Paytas identifies as non-binary. Each playing card depicts an extreme image of a well-known celebrity.

Given the continuing conflict the Paytas have with Ethan, and Hila Klein, who run the H3 Podcast, the Card that the Paytas have chosen seems suitable. Both Paytas and Klein have YouTube profiles, and both of those accounts have several videos in which the two parties criticize one another. Jake Paul is dubbed Jerk. In addition, Paul has his very own Garbage Pail card.

The controversial boxer from YouTube is shown wearing gloves and a belt. As a result of the allegations of sexual assault against the amateur boxer, he is required to wear the designated belt. There’s also a card for David Dobrik, behind some of YouTube’s most controversial films. The buckets on the excavator that the cartoon figure created by David Dumbrik drives are made of chopped limbs.

The statement on Card refers to Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek suffering catastrophic injuries at the hands of Dobrik’s enormous machine. The leader of the Vlog Squad is also made fun of for publishing material that might be possibly damaging. Members of the Vlog Squad prepared that at Dobrik’s request. This is only one of the many factors contributing to the decision to cancel his appearance. James Charles, the billionaire entrepreneur behind the makeup brand ack James, is also included in the Garbage Pail Boosted Pack.

The Offensive Card included an illustration of two other cartoon characters holding what seemed like a radio transmitter while washing animation Charles’ derriere. The picture sparked widespread outrage. After being released only today, the Garbage Pail Boosted Pack is completely sold out. Interested visitors may sign up on their website to get updates about upcoming printings.

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