Details discussed on how the Red Hawk works in One Piece

Following the introduction of a brand-new technique in One Piece episode 565, which was given the name Gum Gum Red Hawk (or, to borrow the word from the manga), Monkey D. Luffy pushed things to a whole new level of amazing. However, among fans, there has been a great deal of speculation over the Red Hawk’s potential to release a significant quantity of energy all at once.

A Complete Guide to the Red Hawk

It’s possible that One Piece’s Red Hawk may be appreciated more easily if we first investigate how Luffy’s elastic and rubbery talents work. Luffy was able to develop powerful strikes for combat circumstances by using his creativity and intensive training. These strikes were designed to counter enemies whose devil fruit-fueled talents were better prepared for an attack. As a result of the fact that Luffy modelled his signature technique, known as “Hiken” or “Fire Fist,” after the late Portgas D. Ace, the Red Hawk had a deeper and more personal significance for him, which resulted in his acquiring the nickname “Fire-Fist Ace.”

Luffy is a One Piece force when he utilizes Red Roc

The punch that Luffy uses in One Piece has been the subject of much discussion among readers of the series. To achieve mastery of Red Roc, you must first become proficient in the game by devoting the proper amount of time and effort to learning it. Fans were upset as a result of what happened, and these are the reasons why.

Capable of putting an end to Kaido’s antics

It is possible to recognize elements of the Red Hawk and Elephant Gun combat techniques in the Red Roc fighting style, which combines the two. This attack makes use of Gear Second and Gear Third in addition to Luffy, and it is strengthened by the Busoshoku Haki that Luffy has. This is, without a doubt, the technique that the Straw Hat does in the One Piece series that draws the most attention to itself! Luffy could kill his opponent with a single punch by lighting his fist on fire and then delivering an explosive blow. That would make Portgas D. Ace absolutely giddy with joy.

Final words

Fans of One Piece voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that Luffy should not, according to the canon of the series, have the capacity to control elements like Ace and that this talent appeared out of nowhere. In order to provide an explanation for the Red Hawks, it is necessary for Luffy’s arm to catch fire, much like meteorites do while they are moving through the sky. There are a number of viewpoints that contend that Luffy’s ability to set fire to his arm is either the consequence of Ace’s power being transferred to him or that he just has the will to do so. The fact that Oda has been so consistent in adhering to the standards of the One Piece world, though, makes it seem impossible.

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