Did the kiss between Zoe LaVerne and Connor Joyce lead to more? TikTok addresses fake viral video

Zoe Laverne, a 20-year-old TikTok star, announced that she was expecting a child, and the news was met with a lot of attention. After becoming very popular online quickly on Musical.ly, the app that came before TikTok, Laverne has kept a large fan base for the past four years. But at the beginning of November 2020, a video showed her kissing a fan who was only 13 years old. This did a lot of damage to her reputation. Some people might think that controversy is a good thing for young people who want to stay popular on the internet. TikTok stars like Bryce Hall and Danielle Cohn have made a lot of money by getting into trouble and stirring things up. Even influencers good for families, like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, get more views when their videos show that their relationships aren’t stable. But there is a tipping point when it comes to controversies involving influencers, especially those involving inappropriate relationships with young followers.

In a new video, a guy who many people think is Connor can be seen giving Zoe a passionate kiss. Zoe and Connor can be seen dancing, hugging, and kissing each other in some of the other videos that have gone viral on the internet. Zoe denied that she had “raped” Connor during an Instagram Live and said she is “always a target” online.

She said that Anyone who thought she had raped her best friend, who had been her supporter for three years, was wrong.

About the issue

Zoe’s mother, Debbie Pemberton, also posted a video on YouTube in which she defended her daughter and asked the internet to stop bothering her. In her words: “Anyone can lean in close and kiss someone else. They are best friends, and you two must stop this immediately.

Responding to the controversies

 Zoe is said to have responded to the controversy through a fan account, even though she has since deleted her Instagram account. Reports say she has used this fandom account to talk with her followers. In a later statement, Zoe was said to have said that she would talk about what happened when her Instagram account was back up and running: “First of all, I want to say that I know what was written, but Connor wasn’t raped or anything like that. I kissed Connor with all my heart. We were never in a relationship, but we liked each other a lot because we spent so much time together. We made these tapes a few months ago. When we both realised what had happened, we stopped right away.

Zoe said that she had told Connor’s mother about their kiss. Connor’s mother was upset but understood that her son and Zoe were both teenagers. She also confirmed that she and Connor are still friends, but they haven’t talked in three days because they decided it would be better for their mental health if they didn’t. She continued by saying, I know I’m an adult and did something wrong, and I want to say how sorry I am. Connor and I will go live on Instagram together as soon as things calm down and we can explain ourselves.

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