Did You Know Medical Insurance Offers Free Health Check-Up?

With the bountifulness of activities people have involved themselves in, some fail to go for medical check-ups. However, different companies have secured group health insurance for employees; just to see to it their life is in good condition. How many times have you undergone a full-body health medical check-up?

Experts suggest it is better to undergo a full-body medical health check-up utmost once per year. This is an involuntary step to ensure you are free from dreadful diseases.  Some of the chronic diseases such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and kidney diseases might attack you and fail to notice the early symptoms of such diseases.

Therefore, upon a healthy medical check-up, all the diseases under the sun can be identified and stringent measures are taken to curb the disease spread. Thus, several health insurance policies have embodied a free health check-up. This is an in-built feature to attract people to join the insurance company and benefit from the free medical health insurance.

Well, the majority of people suffering from chronic diseases or any kind of injuries might not be aware that medical insurance offers free health check-ups. This feature manipulated by the insurance policies helps a great deal especially in places that don’t value regular check-ups.

Regardless of how fit your body might be, you need to go for medical check-ups as propounded by the experts.

If you are puzzling how to get free group health insurance for employees this year, we got you covered. In this article, we’ve compiled the best ways you can get a free medical health check-up in any health insurance company you are in.

Below are the proven ways to secure your free medical health check-up;

Examine the Health Check-up Cost

Different medical health insurance centers have different costs per their services. So, for the insurer, it is your onus to keenly check the health check-up cost and peruse to know the intricacies incorporated in the policy documents.

Checking the documents will automatically help you fathom the amount the medical insurance company has recorded for each insurer. Also, you might find organizations that are interested in a test as opposed to the amount. An example of this health insurance company is Bajaj Allianz medical health insurance.

Clear inspection of the policy document of the insurance company will quench your thirst by identifying the charges on each test and the free health-check-ups.

Reach out to the Health Insurance Company

If you are longing for a free medical health check-up, you can pay a visit to any health insurance branch or call them to schedule your free health check-up. You’ll have to provide all your data to the insurance company and verify your details before offering you a health check-up.

Upon detailed verification, the health insurance company will call back to notify you of the correct date, location, and time as per their guidelines. One of the pros about calling reaching out to the health insurance company is the accompaniment of a letter to the insured, which ought to be presented at the center together with your health card.

Nonetheless, you can as well decide your text to be conducted in a lab. When this happens, you are free to apply for compensation for your expense.

Check the Outline of the Test Offered

Different Health Insurance Companies offer different charges. Similarly, health insurance can choose the best test to offer for a free check-up as directed by their policies.

Some of the prime tests you can find include a urine test, blood count, Postprandial/Lunch blood sugar (PPBS), complete blood count, and blood sugar among others.

Check your Health Insurance Policy

The type of policy you subscribed to matters a lot when it comes to getting free health check-ups. Different companies offer different free health check-ups. Some might offer the free-health check-up with a timely waiting duration.

Some might provide a free health check-up after a timely waiting duration of 4 years or 1 day depending on the company. So, as a beneficiary, you ought to follow up to get all the benefits when the offer is availed. For instance, some like Apollo Munich offer a free check-up after every 2 perpetual years.

Good health calls for personal initiative. Having a group health insurance for employees and undergoing a regular interval medical health-checkup can help you live a healthy life effortlessly. You can attempt to reach out to your health insurance company or pay a visit to any nearest branch for assistance, check your health insurance policy and see if it corresponds with the free health check-up of your insurance company and examine the tests offered to set yourself on the line.

Nowadays, there are lots of chronic diseases that might invade and destroy you without your awareness. Undergoing regular interval medical check-ups can help you spot such illnesses and prevent them at an early stage.

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