DJ Khaled mocked YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing tournament, Details explored!

DJ Khaled was in charge of offering musical entertainment for the highly anticipated boxing match between YouTubers and TikTokers. On the other hand, fans were not particularly enthusiastic, and many described his performance as awkward. In a boxing exhibition called the Battle of the Platforms, which Social Gloves presented, participants from YouTube and Tiktok squared off against one another. At eight o’clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time, it got underway at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, Florida. The main event included a battle between the patriarch of the ACE Family, Austin McBroom, and Bryce Hall, who represented TikTok. Fight fans may watch the event live for only $49.99 by purchasing Live X Live PPV.

YouTubers vs TikTokers featuring DJ Khaled

The most “awkward” performance of the evening was given by DJ Khaled, who played his greatest hits in front of an audience that was not familiar with his music. DJ Khaled started playing “All I Do Is Win” as soon as he entered the ring, and he anticipated that the audience would complete the song with him. However, nobody in the crowd appeared to be paying attention or joining in on the chanting, and soon after that, there was complete silence across the room. He kept singing in an effort to get the crowd more excited, but it appeared as though he was frustrated that nobody was singing along with him.

DJ Khaled’s concert is trolled by fans online

The crowd made fun of DJ Khaled for “running about” while he was performing. Many individuals of more mature age believe that today’s youngsters are “too young” to recognize the singer. Therefore, it was only natural for everyone to keep their mouths quiet and allow him to perform. Even though DJ Khaled has become an industry star as a result of his high-profile collaborations with a wide variety of performers, the younger generation does not seem to connect with his most recent work.

Big Sean criticized for his halftime performance

Big Sean received some negative feedback following his appearance at Ford Field, despite appearing to be in good shape while wearing all-black casual clothing. Others claimed that the rapper was terrible at lip-syncing, but the vast majority of people on social media made fun of him because of his awful performance. After being caught partying before and after the Dallas Cowboys’ home game against the Las Vegas Raiders, country singer-songwriter Luke Combs was slandered online. It is not unheard of for audiences to have no reaction whatsoever to the work of an artist. DJ Khaled’s awkward performance at the June 2021 YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing competition has become a meme. The famed producer made his best effort to get the audience involved, but all they could do was sit there in complete quiet inside the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, Florida. Nobody joined in with DJ Khaled’s attempts to get the crowd hyped up by singing along with him.

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