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Instagram++ is widely known as the mudded version of Instagram with the latest features lacking Instagram. A similar version of Instagram has been produced, and you may mostly download images and videos using the Instagram Plus app, which has additional privacy choices.

The Google Play Store contains million of Social Media apps, and the apps must meet certain requirements as set out in Google. It does not comply with Google’s guidelines in the case of Instagram Plus. This compliance is why Instagram is not available in the Plus Play Store.

Instagram++ is a social media app developed by Atnfas Hoaks. The current version is 10.14.0, recently updated on March 01, 2020, by the team of Jailbreak Mods with a size of 17.45 Mb. As we mentioned earlier, instagram++ is a free Instagram app version. But the Apk has many functions that the App doesn’t have.

  • You can download pictures and movies.
  • You can
  • view the full-size profile image.

Instagram++ features an advanced video playback capability without buffer, even though it’s a third-party application. Therefore only you can download it via Google or a 3rd party store like APKPure. In Google Playstore or App Store, you won’t locate this Apk.

The ability to zoom into a photo simply by double-tapping is one of the most exciting features of Instagram plus. By sliding your finger through the screen, you may zoom in or navigate around the photo. You can also download or share a photo using the option.

Instagram Plus also contains a few surprises. The most fascinating is arguably the simplest: the video sound can be activated by default. This way, it will play with sound as soon as you see a video.

Features of Instagram ++

The features of Instagram++ are as follows.

  • You can download any story with only one click.
  • Any picture you can download.
  • You can download any video from any post.
  • You can also download
  •  the live streaming video.
  • From the story of your friend, you can hide your name.
  • Copy any BIO or comment you would like to receive.
  • See a profile image’s full size.
  • Share a photo or video’s direct URL.
  • Translate any comments you want to make in any language.
  • Activate Auto-Start for dashboard sound video.
  • Create your theme or choose from 1000+ themes for your Instagram.

Enhancements in Media Viewing

You can find the media viewing enhancements from the list given below.

  • Show HQ photos in thumbnail
  • Hold to zoom an image.
  • Display the picture when zooming.
  • Open the links inside Instagram.

Enhancements in Downloads and media sharing

You can find the downloads and media sharing enhancements from the list given below.

  • Download your videos/photos to the iOS camera roll.
  • Double-tap on the thumbnails for share/download.
  • Share videos/photos using a built-in iOS share sheet.
  • Download media.
  • Copy/Share text.
  • Download media.

How to Download and install Instagram++ on Android:

On your Android device, you can easily download Instagram Apk. It is extremely straightforward by the following instructions.

  • First, you must uninstall your phone’s original Instagram app.
  • Then click on the link to get the Apk.
  • Go to the Settings > security.
  • Click on the “Unknown Sources Enabled” button.
  • Select Click Ok
  • Go to the Instagram Apk File Manager or locate Downloads.
  • Click Setup.
  • Installation takes a few seconds.
  • Return to Home Screen after installation.
  • You installed the App on your device successfully.

How to Download and Install Instagram++ on PC

You may also download the Apk on your computer and enjoy it. It is also quite easy to follow only these steps.

  • To execute instagram++, you must first download an android emulator.
  • Go to the browser on your PC.
  • You can search for the LDPlayer emulator.
  • Download and set it up.
  • You can search for this App in all three built-in stores available and find the application to download it.
  • Or you can click the link to download the Apk.
  • Right-click on the file you download after downloading.
  • Click on the open with LDPlayer Emulator.
  • Search now in your system for the LDPlayer Emulator.
  • You have installed Instagram++ successfully on your computer.

How to Download and Install Instagram++ on IOS

Here are the ways that you can use to download in IOS.

Cydia Impactor Installation

To download and install the application on iOS, we will utilize Cydia Impactor. Using Cydia Impactor, you may set up IPA files on any iOS device, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Follow the procedures below to do this.

  • Remove your device’s official App.
  • IPA file download.
  • You can download and install Cydia Impactor.
  • Get your original USB cord and connect the iPhone to your computer.
  • Instagram++ Cydia Impactor to uploads or drag and drop IPA.
  • Enter the password of your Apple ID.
  • Go to ‘settings’ and then ‘general,’ then click on ‘trust’ to ‘manage the device.

Using App Valley

AppValley’s best feature is that you may install any software without jailbreaking. In addition, the Android and iOS apps are accessible. Follow the steps below to obtain Instagram++ for iOS without jailbreak.

  • First, uninstall Instagram’s official version.
  • From their site, get the AppValley.
  • Go to ‘settings,’ then go to ‘general’ and click the ‘trust’ button.
  • Search for and download Instagram++, install and launch AppValley.
  • Trust the App, then click on the ‘trust’ button to ‘general’ then ‘device management.’
  • Now you may install and use Instagram++ on your iOS.

Why choose LDPlayer emulator to download Instagram++

LDPlayer is a free emulator that runs on Android architecture and is renowned for running on any device in the latest version. It works with low-end and high-end devices and can work with up to 240 frames per second for any application. Although programs such as Instagram++ may not require high FPS, improved efficiency can be of significant benefit.

LDPlayer has a multi-characteristic that enables you to use numerous Instagram++ accounts simultaneously. In addition, the problem of logging in and logging out accounts every time can be resolved so that you can use more accounts. You can also create other accounts on LDPlayer to use the same functionality.

A screenshot and a video recording feature that goes beyond Instagram++ data protection notifications are included in LDPlayer. As a result, without danger of your colleagues or any other user receiving a phone alert, you can capture videos and take screenshots.

The LDPlayer Emulator work on any gadget, as said before. However, its main advantages are the integrated enhancement function, which makes it incredibly efficient for programs like Instagram++ to run despite marginal system resources. You can use even the most successful filters and AR features without any hassles. This boost

You can utilize any screen resolution for the LDPlayer emulator. You will be able to view Instagram++ and other videos at a considerably higher resolution than on your Android touchscreen on your bigger PC monitor.


Instagram is a popular photograph and video-sharing application. Different programs, such as Boomerang from Instagram, might enhance the available alternatives. There’s an easy remedy to your iPhone if you don’t want to have many add-on apps. The Instagram ++ app combines several characteristics. Instagram++ has many useful features that are not available in real Instagram. This App is superior to the original. Because it offers more functionality, download the Instagram++ App without worrying about blocking it because it has an integrated Anti-ban that protects and safeguards your account. This App works for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android applications. You can get this App for free, free of charge.

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