Drake with Instagram model Hot Sauce tale viral on Twitter Details discussed

There’s a curious rumour that’s going around on social media at the moment, and it claims that Drake put hot sauce in an old condom before throwing it away. On January 9, Too Much Hot Tea uploaded a photo of the two of them together, which sparked rumours that a rapper had sexual relations with a model he met on Instagram. The rapper and the model had met each other on Instagram. After getting to know one other during the party, the two returned to his hotel room to smoke some weed together. He came up with the brilliant plan of having sexual encounters with her.

According to her account, he was focused on ensuring that the agreement was satisfactory to all parties involved. The sexual encounter is then said to have been described in graphic detail in the report, which also claims that Drake swiftly threw away the condom following the event. On the other hand, the model is said to have gone into the lavatory, located an old condom in the trash, and then proceeded to put the condom on herself to allegedly get pregnant. She was taken aback by what happened next.

Drake reportedly used hot sauce to avoid rumours

The Instagram post claims the model started screaming and compared the feeling to someone “pouring hot lava” into her. Drake raced into the bathroom and said he used hot sauce to kill the sperm contained inside the condom. Although there is currently no evidence to support this claim, it has been claimed by several sites in the media that the unnamed model is now threatening to sue him. It would seem that the model tried self-insemination without first obtaining permission from Drake, which, if the allegations are accurate, may have very negative repercussions for the woman.

Drake fans circulate rumours online

Following the first post on Instagram, more comments raised major concerns regarding the story’s credibility. I don’t believe a word of it. Still, if it were true, she’d be suing someone for being responsible for intentionally going into the trash and putting that garbage into her body, as bigdtheweatherman pointed out. I don’t believe any of this. Similarly, many individuals have said in their comments that they believe she is to a fault and that Drake is completely blameless.

Smartasslife_ said, “Sue him?” There were no detailed instructions given to her; instead. He only saw his presence of mind into her actions as necessary preparation for the work. There seems to be no problem in this situation. Since he did it to stop her from artificially inseminating her egg with his sperm without his permission, she got what she deserved in the end. She continued by saying that, in all honesty, it is terrible that a man would need to go to such extreme measures to protect himself. More specifically, I wonder whether any of this is accurate. On the other hand, people on Twitter have not stopped making jokes about the absurd news.

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