Durte Dom ‘exposes’ David Dobrik over Hannah assault allegation, Netizens are still skeptical, Details explored!

When sexual assault claims were made against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis aka Durte Dom, YouTuber David Dobrik lost followers and brand sponsorships and was forced to take immediate vacations. The latter uploaded an explanation of what went down when several females were invited to the Vlog Squad’s place, and it arrived on YouTube today. Eventually, the two of them made their way to Dom’s chamber.

A drunken lady accused Durte Dom of sexual assault in March while David Dobrik was filming a vlog in the same room. It has been alleged that the two of them, along with other members of the Vlog Squad, bought alcohol for minors. After being under intense scrutiny from David Dobrik and the rest of the Vlog Squad for the last six months, Durte Dom has finally returned to YouTube to refute the claims made against him. Cassandra, his ex-assistant, joined YouTuber Dobrik.

Durte Dom returns on YouTube to explain David Dobrik’s controversial video

For 11 minutes, in a video labelled “exposing the truth,” Durte Dom described the night “Hannah” and her companion were locked in a room with him. Dominykas said he had not “done a good job differentiating Durte Dom, the insane party animal, from myself, Dominykas.” Dom said that numerous females and the Vlog Squad had been drinking before they went to his room to “hook up” with him and Hannah. Dom said that David, Todd, and Jeff from the Vlog Squad would “look into the room” when the three were in the bedroom and that they didn’t think it was inappropriate. While the rest of the group went to another party, her buddy woke Hannah up and got her ready.

Durte Dom stressed that he and Hannah had a pleasant connection in the days after the incident as he detailed what had happened in the bedroom. He showed me text exchanges from him and Hannah in which they joked about Hannah doing Dom’s nails. Dom continued his story by saying that a few months after the event, Hannah emailed him that the video David Dobrik had recorded of their time together had to be removed from his channel on YouTube. Dom then presented Dobrik’s former assistant Cassandra, who said that David Dobrik did not want the video to be removed from Dom’s channel. She said she consulted a lawyer who advised removing the video from the internet. Cassandra said David Dobrik was not as “compassionate” as she assumed. After David Dobrik gave his friends pricey automobiles, he became a viral sensation online.

The Internet discusses Durte Dom’s newest music video

A video of Durte Dom was released just hours before this article was written, yet the internet is already upset over it. Others continued to express their hatred for David Dobrik and Durte Dom, arguing that they should be denied access to social media. None of David Dobrik and Hannah’s comments on Durte Dom’s new video have been released as of yet.

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