Employee-centered Ideas to Improve Call Center Productivity

It’s difficult to be successful at telemarketing. A call center faces numerous challenges that many businesses don’t consider. Many centers focus on the wrong aspects of their company. From the number of outbound calls to not hanging up on a voicemail to making agents use a manual dialing system, owners are mismanaging their contact centers. The ideal way to have fewer headaches is by focusing on your sales rep. Here are some good ideas to implement with your sales team.

Upgrade your company’s technology.

You have to remember it’s the 21st century. Call center agents have access to social media, real-time Mars rover imagery, and countless other technologic advances. Your company needs to have industry-leading components in place, like predictive dialer software. Bright Pattern has reimagined the predictive dialing system. They’ve utilized powerful AI to create numerous options for your company. Their dialer can perform an outbound call and then another while spending less time manual dialing. Bright Pattern’s AI and automatic dialer decrease idle time, boost agent productivity, and increase volume by getting to the next call quickly. Not only will improved technological systems improve the customer experience, but market research has also shown it will raise the happiness of your employees.

Improve your work atmosphere.

Your rep has more to deal with than just a phone call. Though that’s their focus, outside factors can impact their sales process and performance. What might hinder a person more than an unanswered call is the quality of your indoor air. That’s because fresh air and an effective air conditioner can influence your employees more than a busy signal. Indoor air quality can also have ramifications on other aspects of your workspace. High levels of humidity can lead to mold without proper ventilation. A malfunctioning HVAC system with poor ventilation can lead to pollen, animal dander, or indoor allergens creating poor indoor air quality. The best way to decrease indoor air pollution is with a trusted heating and cooling system. A salesforce working in an environment free of mold spores, mildew, and pesticides is a happy one.

Establish a clear and employee-driving QA framework.

A predictive dialer and air quality are important, but you must remember to stay on top of your quality assurance (QA). This framework should also implement all the other aspects of this list. Your system for QA evaluation should look at how your agent, customer, and company define it. You’ll also have to define the outcomes for your company, vendors, and employees. Make sure your company understands the health effects of getting involved in this framework. They’ll have a say in what impacts the quality and why they should get involved. Finally, the company can preview what success is where they work.

Take employee ideas under full consideration.

One of the biggest irritants to employee satisfaction is apathy. The premise of being a part of a company is being a part of something larger than you. So, make your agents involved in the decision-making of your company. Offer outreach to underrepresented members of your team and get their feedback. A caller will be more satisfied making a cold call if they know they had a say in the process.

Implement mandates and guidelines centered around employee health.

Another way to handle employee productivity is through healthy rules. Encourage downtime and breaks for your employees. Customer service can be a mentally taxing position. Customer satisfaction will decrease the more fatigued and unhappy your employees are. A free drink or snack machine can also boost morale. If you want to rewrite the script on productivity measures, implement a four-day workweek. Your employees will love you, and they’re likely to be happier and more efficient.

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