Engrossing Browser-Based Quick Play Games

Whether you’re on the bus to work, waiting in line at the grocery store, burning a couple of minutes waiting for a friend, or anything else where you’re bored for just a moment, there are a ton of games that can ease the boredom without eating into your day too much. Unfortunately, not all games are created equal, some require downloading, which in a rush nobody has time for, others sacrifice fun for speediness, which nobody wants. We’ve collated this collection of games because they’re exciting, quick to pick up and put down, and can all be played without downloading from your browser.

Card Games

Card games are great for when you’re a little rushed for time, but you still want to give your brain a bit of a workout. There are plenty of PA online casinos that offer poker to play in your browser, providing the perfect combination of gray matter exercising gameplay and ease of access. As well as poker, blackjack is also a favorite for those who want to boost their mental math skills, whilst having a bit of fun at the same time. There’s a reason that card games have been around for centuries upon centuries, and the fact that they’ve been brought right up to date with browser-based versions is just another feather in the hat. If you enjoy the mental challenge of card games then board games could be a great next step, chess is always popular, especially online, as is checkers.

My Little Farmies

If you prefer a game with a bit of narrative then you might be best playing a real-time strategy game. Although these games don’t offer you the ability to play through level after level very quickly, they are perfect when you’re in need of a game that you can play quickly, because you can progress even when you’re not playing. Upjers have a huge catalog of exactly this sort of game, and My Little Farmies is one of them. This game allows you to build your own farm, with crops, chickens, rabbits, and more. As you tend to your crops and animals, you’ll gain experience, allowing you to unlock new items for your farm. It’s a simple model, but the graphics are cute, and the social element means you can get ahead with the help of your friends. This game is a freemium model, where you can play everything totally free, or pay real money to skip waiting times and buy special items.

Planet Clicker

If you want something to just chill out with, then sometimes games that require too much thought can be a little intense. You don’t really want to think about the strategy, but rather make slow and steady progress towards the next level. For that, there’s Planet Clicker. This game is hilariously simple, you click on the planet, Earth at the beginning, until you’ve stored up enough energy to buy an upgrade. As you upgrade your planet, you’ll collect more energy autonomously until, eventually, you’ve saved up enough energy to buy a new planet. It’s incredibly straightforward but endlessly playable, plus the game saves your progress whenever you close your browser window. Add in the catchy theme music and the fact that this mini-game is so popular that they’ve released a second edition, and you might become an intergalactic expert yourself.

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