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Eric Mondo is a top-rated social media personality from America, born on 17th April 1992. He is a very famous YouTuber, Instagram personality, and an amazing content creator who received prosperity on social media by sharing the videos of his lifestyle. He keeps on hosting his pictures on his Instagram account, where he has more than 150k followers. He always believes in generating new content to entertain his followers and attract new followers. People like his videos and pictures because they are unique and attractive. He Posts the content regularly.

How Did Eric Mondo Get Famous?

Eric Mondo has a charming personality, and his zodiac sign arises. The nickname of the social media personality is Eric. He was born in the United States, and currently, he is living in New York City, New York, United States. Therefore, the nationality of the personality is American, as he was born there. He is such a great content creator that we can know from the videos and pictures he posts on his social media account as none of the footage resembles the previous one. He always tries to create new stuff that is something outstanding about any social media personality.

Eric Mondo Family

Eric Mondo has not revealed much about his family because we cannot find any details on the internet as it is not being updated there. The little information which the people know is that he has a younger sibling whose name is brad mondo, who is also a very famous social media personality. There is nothing much available related to his family. He is a very private person and has always kept his family away from his work. He also wants all his followers to respect his decision to not reveal about his family.

Eric Mondo’s Height And Weight 

Eric Mondo is a very good looking person whose height is 5 feet 10 inches. He looks fantastic at this height. The weight of the YouTube is 72 kgs. In the opinion of YouTube, a person must have a proper weight because it will help a person live a good and healthy life for an extended period. He believes in doing various exercises and gym because these are a few things that can help a person maintain their weight.

Eric Mondo’s Dating History

Eric Mondo has been open about his relationship as he has dated Hunter Goga. His partner has a brilliant personality, and he has told once that the two things which have attracted him to Goga are his personality and way of talking. First, they both are thrilled in each other’s company and live a perfect and prosperous life. Then they both share a happy relationship, and both of them also try to give space to each other, which is very important in a relationship. Both of them are living in New York City, New York.

Full born name: Eric Mondo

Nicknames: Eric

Occupation: Content Creator

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 17th April 1992

Birthplace: New York, United States

Zodiac sign: Aries

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Sibling’s name: Brad Mondo

Spouse/ Boyfriend: Hunter Goga

Children: None

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Eric Mondo’s Body Measurement

Eric Mondo is a very smart and good looking who has excellent physic. The numbers related to his body measurements are not updated on the internet, but if we look at him, we can clearly say he is a very muscular man. He has correctly maintained his body by using natural techniques. There are a lot of videos of him in which she advises the audience that they should always use natural ways to keep their body fit and acceptable and compare to the manufactured solutions. They are very harmful to the body.

Height: 5’10 Inches

Weight:  72 kg

Chest size: Unknown

Waist size: Unknown

Dress size: 10 U.S.

Shoe size: 9 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Blue

Hair colour:  Dark Brown

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

Eric Mondo has organic and natural beauty and body. He never believes in taking or undergoing facial treatment surgery, making him even look better. Many times, he has come forward and expressed his views regarding this particular topic. He has always advised taking natural remedies to keep the face and body healthy because they will be there for an extended period. If someone takes the unnatural ways, they have to suffer because there are very harmful side effects of those ways.

Eric Mondo’s Net Worth

Eric Mondo is a popular YouTuber and social media personality who keeps posting videos and pictures. He always tries to bring new content to engage his followers and bring new followers to his account. The net worth of YouTube is 2 million, which is pretty good. There are thousands of YouTubers in the market, but everybody does not get the success; in his case, he got very popular because of his unique and fresh content. Everybody waits for his videos and pictures.

Social Media Followers

Eric Mondo is a prevalent personality on social media accounts, whether we talk about Instagram or YouTube, because he believes in creating new content that can grab the attention of his followers. He has 150k followers on his account who constantly support him and watch the videos and pictures he posts. He feels fortunate to have organic followers as he does not use any third ways to increase his followers. He always believed in impressing the audience through his posted initially content.


Eric Mondo is a self-made millionaire who created an artificial platform for the business and used it beautifully. He likes a few accessories and has cars. His favourite car company is Ferrari, and he wants a red colour convertible car and spends dollars buying shoes. His favourite is blue colour Jordan shoes. Moreover, you may find him in the mountains in your free time. He pumps his personality by wearing branded clothes and accessories. He has good taste in people and watches. 

Hobbies: Tracking

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Food: Burger

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