Everything you need to know about Chris Rock, as Will Smith is criticised by Tony Rock for his smack at the Oscars, Details discussed

Tony Rock recently criticised will Smith for hitting Chris Rock, his brother, during the 94th Academy Awards. The actor of Bad Boys II can be seen laughing at Chris Rock’s joke at the Oscars until he realises his wife Jada is uncomfortable with the remark. Will Smith walked up onto the stage, smacked Rock, and yelled at him, “Keep my wife’s name out of your filthy lips!” before leaving the platform.

Get to meet Chris Rock’s brothers

He is the oldest of seven siblings, including six younger brothers and a younger sister.

Charles Ledell Rock

Chris is technically the oldest of his family, but he has an elder half-brother named Charles Ledell Rock. He was Chris’s younger brother Tony’s best friend. Charles, who had just been 52 years old, died in February 2006. He died of alcoholism at a homeless shelter after a lifelong battle with the disease.

Antre Rock

Andre Rock was born in 1967; he is Chris Rock’s oldest brother but has always avoided the spotlight. Although he is said to be the owner of a trucking company named Julius Rock Trucking Inc., he has never been seen in public with Chris or Tony.

Tony Rock

Tony Rock has starred in popular sitcoms, including Living Biblically and All of Us, in addition to doing stand-up comedy. His role as Uncle Tony on Everybody Hates Chris propelled him to fame as a guest star.

Brian Rock

The Rock brothers, especially Brian and Andre, have a similar way of life. He avoids the cameras and is never seen with his sibling actors on set. Some sources state that he is a preacher at a church.

Kenny Rock

Kenny Rock, born in 1979, has tried and failed to avoid the spotlight and is now attempting to break into the entertainment business. He has made a few film appearances, including in Vesuvius and Coincidental Killer. He’s not particularly active on Instagram, but he still posts selfies with Chris and old photos of Rose.

Andi Rock

Andi Rock, the younger sibling of Chris Rock, was born in 1985 and presently resides in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It has been said that she is an excellent therapist in the field of autism.

Jordan Rock

Jordan Rock, an actor born in 1991, is actively pursuing a career in the entertainment business and has been in films such as HBO Max’s Love Life and Big Time Adolescence.

Tony Rock rejected the apologies from Will Smith

In a recent Twitter Q&A, Tony Rock revealed that he does not accept Will Smith’s apologies. After his brother was smacked, he was asked what he would do, and he simply said, “react.” The comic said that Chris Rock and Will Smith did not make up for the 2022 Academy Awards. Page Six learnt from Sean “Diddy” Combs that the couple would apologise and work through their disagreements following the occasion. People felt the viral moment was fake since a high-resolution photo showed Chris wearing a face protector to ease the pain. Tony addressed the speculation that the slap had been faked. Tony rejects Will’s apologies. When pressed on whether he would choose to “fight fire with fire” or go the professional route, he said, “It’s on bro.”

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