Everything You Need to Know About Viral Snoop Dogg Elf, Details about price, where to purchase, and many more discussed!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when everyone can finally get their hands on all their favorite holiday trinkets and souvenirs. The Snoop on the stoop elf doll is one thing most fans are looking forward to purchasing this holiday season. The question of whether or not it may be purchased on sites like Amazon and eBay has been raised by many. A vinyl doll of Eddie Van Halen was launched by Funk Pop and is currently up for pre-order. This year, holiday shoppers are going crazy about a Snoop Dogg elf doll called “Snoop on the stoop.” Chris Milnes of Muckychris.com was so taken with the elf on the shelf that he made a collectible Snoop Dogg elf doll. The firm specializes in the production of 3D projects as well as goods based on popular culture.

Informative details about the Snoop Dogg elf doll 

The elf doll was first released in November. A larger model was included in the assortment at a later time. The dolls’ 3D-printed heads complement their handcrafted bodies. The “Snoop on the stoop” doll, in contrast to the “elf on the shelf,” comes with two different material costumes. One is dressed in holiday green and wearing black sunglasses, while the other is in a royal purple outfit and is wearing gold eyewear. Both types are distinguished by the long braids hanging down each side of their heads.

Snoop Dogg’s style is reflected in the doll, which has a rolling blunt. You may choose between a little and a large doll. A 16-inch model costs $99.99 and is considered the standard. Costing $199.99 is the 32-inch tall super-size doll. Etsy seller CoteCoutureLTD sells a comparable piece for $99. Polymer clay is used to make these adorable dolls. Despite the seller’s best efforts, pre-orders will not be delivered in time for Christmas, as stated in the product description. Pre-Christmas delivery is available for an additional $200 for those who need it before December 25.

Does Amazon or eBay Have It?

Fans are looking to Amazon and eBay to get a Snoop on the Stoop doll after the popular online stores Muckychris and Etsy ran out of stock. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it there since it’s not available. If you missed out on getting your hands on this exclusive doll, you’d have to keep checking Muckychris.com for updates on when they’ll be back in stock.

The Internet’s Response to the Doll

When admirers learned that the doll was so famous, they went wild with excitement. These dolls are a unique twist on the traditional “elf on the shelf” theme and perfectly capture Snoop Dogg’s persona. Due to the rapper’s dedicated fan base, the dolls sold out online two weeks before Christmas. There is currently no information on whether Snoop Dogg enjoys playing with his elf toys. Fans never stop making requests and always expect that more will be restocked.


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