Everything you need to understand about squirting and orgasm

When it comes to squirting, you need first to forget everything you think you know and be ready to understand the concept in another dimension. There are several misconceptions regarding squirting that have caused various heartbreaks in relationships. One of those few places where you get to understand the concept of squirting and how it differs from orgasm is from private live cam sex sites. You get to interact with cam models to any length on these cam sites. Since it’s a private show, you need not worry about time, inasmuch as you keep the tips coming.

One of the essential facts you need to understand about squirting is that it is not entirely pee. Don’t be surprised; several individuals have the same orientation regarding squirt, so it’s okay to have the wrong notion at first. So, the question is, what then is squirt? What form squirt?

What is squirting?

Squirting is the process of expelling fluid from the vulva during sex. It is, however, worth noting that the fluid isn’t entirely pee. Instead, it is the combination of creatinine, uric acid, and urea from the skene’s gland just at the base of the urethra. While most individuals use female ejaculation and squirting synonymously, some believe there are two different entities.

If you haven’t had your first squirt, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. It doesn’t happen in all ladies. In fact, some private live cam girls are such that they haven’t experienced squirting, and they still enjoy sex regardless. However, there are certain forms you need to understand if you wish to experience squirting. One is by first understanding that squirting majorly comes from either G-spot stimulation or the combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation. If you have experienced these two and still didn’t squirt, you should focus less on squirting and just be sure you and your partner enjoy the sex.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most effective means of understanding the concept of squirting is by learning on a private live cam sex site where you meet cam girls and chat over Skype video chats. If you need to understand why your spouse isn’t squirting, you should visit some of these private shows.

What does squirting feel like?

Saying for a fact what squirting feels like might be somewhat inaccurate because everyone will feel differently. Most ladies on private sex cam sites say squirting feels quite different from orgasm. So, you might have a different feel compared to your friend. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that most individuals would feel the need to pee before squirting, majorly because of the pressure on the urethra, which will amount to squirting. So, if you are having vaginal or clitoral stimulating sex with your partner, and you begin to feel the need for you to pee, it might just be your squirt getting ready to gush out. However, some ladies have reported squirting to be similar to a wet orgasm. In a nutshell, the feeling of squirting differs from person to person.

What is the difference between squirting and orgasm?

As mentioned earlier, the concept of squirting, female ejaculation, and orgasm are primarily used interchangeably. However, they do not mean the same thing. There are specific differences that need to be understood if you really want to use these words in the proper context.

While having intercourse, you could squirt before having an orgasm. This means that squirting doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve orgasmed. Recall that we defined squirting as feeling the need to pee, even though squirt isn’t pee. You could feel the need to pee as a result of the stimulation or how well you are enjoying the intercourse, and that doesn’t in any way means you are about to orgasm. Orgasm is reaching the peak of sexual pleasure, where the intercourse gets intense.

Most cam models on private live cam sex sites could experience squirting from having intense sexual conversations with their clients in private shows, but might not get to the point of orgasm. However, this also differs between cam models. Most cam girls would experience squirting the moment they orgasm, which could be amongst the few that have never experienced it before. If you are the type that enjoys solo sex and masturbation, you would probably have the grasp of your body compared to those that don’t masturbate. You can always learn more about your body and the concept of orgasm and squirting on the live sex cam site.

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