Exploring the gruesome axe murder that inspired the new Hulu series Candy, What happened to Betty Gore?

The shocking and violent murder of Betty Gore in 1980 by her next-door neighbour Candy Montgomery shocked and horrified the nation. Candy, a forthcoming true-crime documentary on Hulu, will investigate the Texas axe killer and provide new details about the case. Betty Gore, whose birth name was Pomeroy, spent her childhood in a modest Kansas community. At school, Betty stood out for her vibrant personality and unique style. When Allan Gore was working as a Teacher in one of her courses, she ran into him. They began seeing one other in 1969 and tied the knot in 1970. Soon after the birth of their first daughter, the couple uprooted to Collin County, where Betty took a teaching position.

Who is Betty Gore, and what happened to her?

Candy Montgomery was a lady who lived next door to Betty and Allan and was one of their neighbours. The two people who lived next door to one another struck up a friendship and spent a great deal of time together. When Betty found out that Candy had been having an affair with her spouse behind her back with Candy’s husband, things went from bad to worse very rapidly. Betty confronted Candy about the affair, which ultimately resulted in a conflict between them.

In June of 1980, Allan phoned his neighbour Richard Parker to inquire about Betty’s well-being. Richard Parker checked on her and found her dead from 41 axe wounds. Parker saw her lying on the ground with severe injuries to her head and body. Not too far from her was an axe measuring three feet in length and having a wooden handle. Candy was captured when her fingerprints and footprints at the crime’s location helped connect her to the criminal activity.

An Overview of the Trial, details explained

Betty’s next-door neighbour was a girl named Candy. Her husband, Pat Montgomery, was an electrical engineer at Texas Instruments, where he met and married her. Candy was a devoted member of the First United Methodist Church of Lucas in addition to her roles as a mother and a homemaker to her husband and two children, a boy and a daughter. Candy’s attorneys maintained that their client killed Betty Gore in self-defence after being assaulted by her for having an affair with Candy’s husband. Allan Gore revealed to investigators that he was having an affair with Candy.

Although he was unhappy in his marriage, he did not want to end it. As a result of Candy’s insinuation, they eventually began having an affair. The affair between the two proceeded swimmingly until Betty found out about it, which was long after the two had broken up and their rendezvouses in hotels had become routine. Candy testified that she committed the crime when she was put on trial for it. The jury, however, found her not guilty because the need for self-defence justified her actions. Watch Hulu’s brand new true crime series Candy to learn more about the axe murderer’s case.

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