Ezra Miller explained what was going on with their instability

Miller told Variety on Monday that Miller’s mental health was getting worse, which was causing them trouble. Miller said, I recently went through a very rough time, and now I know that I have complex mental health problems. I have started going to counselling regularly. Please tell everyone I have ever been shocked or upset that I am truly sorry. I am willing to do the work needed to return to a place where I am happy, stable, and useful.

The apologies

Warner Bros apologised after it came out that they had worked with actor Ezra Miller on reshoots of Miller’s highly anticipated film, even though Miller had been arrested before for being aggressive and violent. Miller was arrested on August 7 for felony burglary after it was said that he broke into a house and stole wine bottles. This came after months of strange rumours about the actor’s activities in Iceland and at his Vermont home, which is full of weapons. Authorities arrested after searching Miller’s property for a missing mother and her three children, who had lived there as recently as July.

Miller is one of Hollywood’s best-known nonbinary actors. Before joining the casts of the Fantastic Beasts movie and The Flash in the DC Extended Universe, he did several well-received roles in independent films. Still, until recently, he was mostly out of the spotlight. They almost got an Oscar for their performance, but they didn’t.

The arrest

But after they were arrested on March 28 and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, people started to say that they were acting even more strangely and rudely. One couple got a restraining order against them after they refused to leave a party and hurt a woman by throwing a chair at her. Then, they were charged with assault in the second degree. Miller was fired when the woman said she didn’t want to be treated. Reports say that the actor was having mental breakdowns while filming The Flash, the next DC movie that will come out next summer. Miller’s main role in the movie seemed to launch them into the spotlight after they had been on the fringes of fame for most of a decade.

Miller carrier

On the other hand, Miller’s career seemed to be in danger because of all the fuss about how they were acting. On April 6, Warner Bros. held an emergency meeting to discuss Miller’s behaviour. After the meeting, all of Miller’s upcoming projects were reportedly put on hold. Miller’s paid parts in The Flash and the two Fantastic Beasts movies that came after it may have been in this group. During this time, Miller played a young Salvador Dali in the upcoming movie Daliland, which will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). On the other hand, Miller was missing from the news about the movie and its cast. The career of an actor, which seemed to be going in the right direction, has taken a sudden and terrible turn.

Miller seems to be showing signs of becoming a cult leader, like having a volatile, unpredictable, and violent personality, gathering groups of followers, and allegedly grooming young fans. As Miller’s claims of predatory, controlling, and coercive behaviour come to light, a pattern is starting to emerge.

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